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Isolated Language Natural language w/no demonstrable genealogical (or "genetic") relationship w/ other living languages
Language Group related by descent from common ancestor, called proto-language of family
Language set of sounds, combination of sounds, & symbols used for communication
Public Housing Any state, county, municipality, or other government entity or public body authorized to engage in or assist in development or operation of low-income housing
Squatter Settlement residential area which developed w/o legal claims to land &/or permission from concerned authorities to build
Market Area (Hinterland) geographic zone containing ppl likely to purchase firm's goods or services
Stimulus Diffusion form of diffusion where cultural adaptation is created as result of intro of cultural trait from another place
Intervening Obstacle obstacle, emotional, physical, & these differ according to social context & level of development but include: distance to destination, cost of getting there, poor health, status w/in family (including but not limited to gender), imperfect information
Map visual representation of area ; symbolic depiction highlighting relationships b/t elements of that space
Literacy Rate # of ppl in country who can read & write
Language Branch variety of languages that belong to a certain origin; branch back to certain language, & branch off from language families
Maquiladora Zones in N. Mexico w/ factories supplying manufactured goods to US market
Isogloss geographic boundary w/in which particular linguistic feature occurs
Language Family Group of languages w/ shared but fairly distinct origin
Lingua Franca language used among speakers of diff. languages for purposes of trade & commerce; “common language”
Prorupted State state features elongated portion of territory extending from main body of territory
Labor-Intensive Industry Process/industry that requires large amount of labor to produce its goods or services
Less Developed Country/ Developing Country (LDC) country w/ low level of per capita income, industrialization, & modernization
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