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Vol 1

Joint warfare is considered what type of warfare? Team warfare.
Who has the ability to choose support capabilities from the forces at their disposal? Joint Force Commander.
What does joint doctrine promote? A common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations.
What is the US military service based on? Values that US military experience has proven to be vital for operational success.
What do past demographics of the personnel career field allowed for each base? A high magnitude of personnel authorizations.
The architecture of the base level authorizations was dispersed between what two offices? Military Personnel Flight (MPF) and the Commander’s Support Staff (CSS)?
What was the mission of the MPF? Provide personnel support to commanders, Air Force members, and their family member, and to administer Air Force personnel programs in both peacetime and wartime
Program budget decision (PBD) 720 has introduced the need for what? An immediately available AF interim solution to enable our reduced numbers of personnel service providers at the base level to deliver quality service that meets our strategic delivery goal.
What did the inclusion of personnelists in the CSS give commanders and squadron customers? More direct convenient personnel support.
Decreased manning levels and the transforming of personnel workload led Personnel career field leader to what decision? To consolidate the Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) into a single organization.
How did the transformation of the squadron structure begin? With a test of different Mission Support Squadron (MSS) configurations and has incorporated the ongoing Services transformation efforts.
What were the three reasons for integrating Manpower, Personnel, and Services (MP&S)? To reduce overhead, achieve efficiencies, and maximize customer service in response to the new service delivery model.
What are the expectations of the FSS? To perform its mission and provide excellent customer service at home base (in garrison) for remote sites and at one or more deployed locations.
What section is the focal point for the translation of all military personnel policies and programs into individual actions affecting people? The Military Personnel Section (MPS).
The MPS was created based on what concept? The “learning organization” concept.
Define “Learning Organization”. An organization where all personnel within the organization can perform the full range of personnel tasks.
What type of support does the CSS provide? Direct support to the commander at the unit level.
The CSS organizational structure is established by whom? Unit commander.
The CSS serves as a communications line between the commander and what other groups of people? Between unit members, the commander, and between base agencies.
Which office is responsible for personnel activities? The MPS.
Why is the classification structure designed to do? To ensure the proper number of people with the proper level of responsibility, are assigned at a specific base in order to fulfill the mission at that base.
What is the basic grouping of positions requiring similar skills and qualifications? An Air Force specialty code (AFSC).
When are individual’s awarded an AFSC? When individuals meet all of the mandatory qualifications of the specialty and have shown skill level qualification in all tasks of the positions in which assigned.
What is the objective of the military personnel classification system? To identify duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force mission.
Material other than ordinary paper documents must have what markings? Classification marking according to DOD 5200.1–R.
What markings are classified documents required to have? The overall classification of the document, the agency, office of origin, date of the document, and finally, If it is originally classified, the document will reference the office.
What classified document cover sheets shall be placed on all classified documents not in a secure storage? Classified document cover sheets SF 703, SF 704, and SF 705.
Who has the authority to grant individuals access to classified information when required for mission essential needs? Personnel who have authorized possession, knowledge, or control of classified information.
Who do you talk to in order to educate yourself on the proper procedures for transporting COMSEC information and material? Supporting COMSEC manager.
When using laptops to hand carry classified information, what must couriers take intoconsideration? Couriers must make sure both laptop and disks are prepared properly.
What guidelines must you follow when deciding whether to release information? 15-5 Would the subject have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the information requested? Would disclosing the information benefit the general public? Balance the public interest against the individual’s probable loss of privacy. Do not consider the requ
What is the purpose of the military record system? 16-3 Maintain personnel documents to protect the legal and financial rights of the government and the individual and to record the history of the person’s service, to support personnel managers, commanders, and supervisors as they manage Air Force personnel,
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