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Mrs Hull vocab - 8

describes people or actions that are extremely wicked and evil nefarious
The _____________ man got a life sentence in jail. nefarious
very productive; fruitful prolific
The tree produces many apples. It is __________. prolific
unpredictable and given to constantly shifting moods mercurial
The girl's mood is always shifting. She could be described as ______________. mercurial
excessively sentimental; emotional and tearful maudlin
The mother was very ____________, and never gave away her daughter's first pair of shoes. maudlin
learned and scholarly erudite
The ___________ girl is the smartest girl in her grade. erudite
very talkative loquacious/garrulous
The three friends are ____________. They never stop talking. loquacious/garrulous
characterized by strong and biased views on controversial issues tendentious/partisan
Presidential candidates tend to be ____________ and have strong views on controversial issues. tendentious/partisan
to express very strong and harsh disapproval castigate/excoriate
Most British Loyalists in 1733 ___________ the Boston Tea Party. castigated/excoriated
skillful dexterous/adroit
The guy is skillful with a guitar. He is ___________. dexterous/adroit
very changeable and impulsive capricious/fickle
The girl is very ____________ and always changing her opinions on things. capricious/fickle
feeling of intense dislike and animosity enmity/animus
The villain felt __________ towards his nemesis. enmity/animus
characterized by an unyielding behavior; inflexible adamant/intransigent
The girl almost never changes her mind. She is ____________. adamant/intransigent
very careful and precise; exacting painstaking/meticulous
The ______________ project needs to be done very precisely. painstaking/meticulous
characterized by an exaggerated and theatrical display of emotions histrionic/overwrought
Girls tend to be thought of as _____________ because some girls display exaggerated emotions. histrionic/overwrought
knowledge that is obscure and hard for non-specialists to understand esoteric/recondite
Lawyers have ___________ vocabulary that most people would not understand. esoteric/recondite
behavior that is rude, blunt, and peremptory in manner brusque/curt
It is ____________ to tell someone you don't like a gift they gave you. brusque/curt
a way of doing something that breaks from established practices or customary procedures unorthodox/unconventional
Getting pregnant before getting married is ________________. unorthodox/unconventional
trite, often-repeated statements that are presented as if they are significant and original platitudinous/hackneyed
The _______________ phrase is repeated very often. platitudinous/hackneyed
fashions that are exaggerated, showy, and intended to attract attention flamboyant/theatrical
The __________________ outfit the woman wore was intended to attract other's attention. flamboyant/theatrical
behavior that lacks grace and is thus clumsy and ineffective inept/maladroit
The teenager is an __________ driver due to his inability to back out of parking spots. inept/maladroit
Created by: emily.grace
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