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1. Which Level of career field manager (CFM) has the authority to waive Career Field Education and Training (CFETP) requirements? Air Force Career Field Manager
2. Which functional manager assigns collateral responsibility for training, classification, utilization and career development of enlisted Administration personnel? Base Level Functional Manager
3. Which Customer Service technique focuses on being postured for scheduled tasks that occur frequently? Anticipate the need of the customer and exceed their expectations
4. What should you ask for that will show that you are being attentive to your customer's needs? Clarification
5. The easiest way to determine the type of file you are storing is by the file _____________. Extension
6. What program is not an application of the standard enterprise solution software used in the AF today? Adobe Acrobat
7. Which Microsoft Word Function makes it easier for a user to locate and replace words or phrases in a document? Search Document
8. The four viewing options given for displaying document changes when using the Microsoft word track changes features are...what? - Final - Final and Show Mark Up - Original - Original and Show mark Up
9. Electronic signature are effective and easy but should not be used with a _______ ____________? Military Decoration
10. What are the decision quality characteristic of information that are used in databases? - Accuracy - Relevance - Timeliness - Usability - Completeness - Brevity - Security
11. Why should you create a tailored database report for your customers? to allow data searches
12. While creating a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, you cannot add what type(s) of content? Video Clips
13. In Microsoft Excel, which tab is used when performing mathematical calculation? Formulas
14. When merging documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can merge which types of files into a single document? PDF to PDF
15. Which is an effective method of managing a high volume of e-mail messages in your inbox? Creating Subfolders
16. E-mail profiles are verified by Certificates that reside on the members identification card
17. When digitally signing an electronic mail message, the signature indicates the message is _______________? Authentic
18. Which Microsoft Outlook function generates a pop-up message to alert the user to dismiss or snooze the action ______________ __________________? Appointment Reminder
19. The main reason to use an IN TURN memorandum is to allow...? the final address to see the coordination of all address
20. Who has the responsibility to ensure the intended receiver the tasking and the tasking is accurate? Sender
21. Which collaboration tool is used as an aid when providing content management, distrusting information resources in a protective environment? SharePoint
22. Which type of SharePoint site is open to all members of the organization for content contribution ____________ ______________? Internal Organization
23. Which type to SharePoint site grants permission to users across multiple Organizations Team Site
24. What type of SharePoint content dictates the overall look and feel of a SharePoint page? Site Layout
25. Within the SharePoint gallery, which link section contains links to pages where you can modify administrative settings for a site? Site Administration
26. Which SharePoint application is used to build and customize SharePoint site sites and data-rich pages Designer
27. Which AF Portal responsibility can deploy content items, topics, and portlets to the production portal? Content Manager
28. Which network maintains the network bridges that each video teleconference site must use? Defense Information System
29. A units unique Video Teleconference address is called? Site ID
30. What type of service is not available to when using the Defense Collaboration Services (DCS)? File Storage
31. Which is not a Defense Collaboration Services pod that is available for conferences? Remote Computer Access
32. ***What type of lines are used to provide telecommunications?*** Telephone
33. What level of information, following, unauthorized disclosure, could reasonably, be expected to cause serious damage to national security? Secret
34. When transporting classified information , what of medium is high risk? Laptop
35. What should be placed at the beginning of a paragraph that has For Official Use Only (FOUO) information in the paragraph itself, when the document is classified? FOUO
36. When a request is made for Freedom of Act (FOIA) or Privacy Act (PA) material contained in a system of record which program must the requester cite? Neither FOIA or PA
37. Under which FOIA exemption does most information in system of record fall? 6, Invasion of personal privacy
38. What penalty may be imposed if an unauthorized disclosure of Privacy Act Material occurs? 5,000, a civil Lawsuit
39. Which privacy act statement (PAS) element is a list of where and why the information will be disclosed outside the DOD? Routine Uses
40. Which method of personally identifiable information (PII) disclosure occurs most often? Routine Daily Transmission
41. Which of the nine USC Title 5 Records disclosure exemptions pertain to trade secrets? Confidential Commercial Information
42. Who has the responsibility of Identifying the requested Freedom of Information Act so that it can be located with a reasonable amount of effort? Requestor
43. What position carries the responsibility of being the focal point for all matter relating to information management policy? Chief of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer (SAF/CIO A6)
44. What position carries the responsibility of implementing information management policy and establishing publications and forms management guidance and procedures through the information directorate? Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force (SAF/AA)
45. Which office serves as the physical products distribution focal point for the Headquarters AF? AF Department Publishing Office
46. Who or what agency is the only approval authority /authenticator for AF policy directives? Secretary of the AF (SAF)
47. What must we always focus our effort around in an effort to maintain effectiveness when maintaining publications and forms/ Customers' Needs
48. What type of publication and form review conducted by the office of primary responsibility (OPR) has no time limit? Special
49. Regarding publications and forms, how many sections are contained in Part I of the product announcement? 4
50. What type of change is issued to announce only mission-essential information changes to a publication or form? Interim
51. In the AF Records Management Program, what type of official record can NOT be altered? Final
52. What happens to ANG - generated state records when the FEMA gets involved in an emergency using federal dollars? They Become federal records
53. The person in which position has overall responsibility the AFRMS Program? AF Chief information Officer
54. The person in which position administers the AFRMS program? AF Records Officer AFRO
55. When equipment is required for storing and retrieving records from files, who must be proficient on the equipment? Records Custodian
56. In the file maintenance and disposition plan, which file arrangement requires the omission of numbers? Alphabetical
57. on a physical file, the labels are printed and affixed onto your files folders once...? the BRM and the COR has approved the file plan
58. When labeling file drawers, they should have...? a label identifying the contents
59. In reference to files record management, what term includes transferring a record from one organization to another? Disposition
60. in files and records management, how are emergency-operating records identified? Vital
61. Degaussing is an effective method to destroy which of records? Magnetic
62 the authorization change request (ACR) is a manpower tool that can be initiated at which organizational level? Commanders at all levels
63. What is the basic building block of the future years defense program? Program Element
64. The position number, a unique alphanumeric code used to identify a manpower authorization or requirement, has how many digits? 10
65. What do manpower standard variances address? Work not included in core manpower standard
66. What AF Form (Source document) is used to record all training documents 623a
67. Which information does not need to be documented on the 623a, Individual Training Records Folder? Feedback
68. The AF On-Job- Program Consists of how many training components 3
69. As it applies to the unit training program, the instructional System Development Principle has five steps. What is the third step?? Determine Training Resources/Capabilities
70. Which type of leave would be used by someone separating from active duty? Terminal
71. What process is used for enlisted promotion and special duty selection? Performance Evaluation
72. A civilian must have performed in his or her official position for at least how many days before an appraisal can be written? 90 days
73. Letter of Evaluations cover periods of rate performance too short to require performance report. When are LOEs's optional? for periods of time when rate is under someone other than his/ her designated rater
74. Which information is not required when submitting a CRO? Effective date of Assignment
75. Which action is not part of the basic evaluation distribution process? When the notice is pushed out to the unit, designated commanders distribute it to the rater
76. In the Weighted Airmen Promotion System (WAPS), What is the promotion testing cycle for a staff sergeant (SSGT) May-June
77. The unit commander reviews the unit promotion roster to decide who... Promotion Test
78. Which situation is not reason for administrative Discharge Failure to fulfill jury Duty
79. What is the maximum number of months per enlistment voluntary extensions are limited to for all Airmen? 48 months
80. Which payment is not part of the Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) Program Career Status Bonus
81. What is the next level of counseling available to the supervisor after he or she has done a record of Individual Counseling? Letter of Admonishment
82. Which Process is part of the Individual New comer Treatment and Orientation Unit Sponsorship Program
83. Which process provides gaining units a timely and accurate processing to identify "no show" members? Unit Overdue Arrival Confirmation Actions
84. Which action is not a reason for using the virtual Out-Processing System Deployment
85. Which key element is an important of the decoration process? Monitoring
86. Which agency provides postal services to the DOD components in support of DOD missions? Military Postal Service
87. Who supervises mailing practices and reports misuse of official mail to the commanders of the alleged violators Official Mail Manager
88. Which agency receives, sort sand distributes personal mail from the servicing postal activity for military members who reside in the dormitories/barracks? Postal Service Centers
89. Which agency verifies outgoing mail for size, weight, and address compliance and dispatches mail at the lowest cost to the AF? Official Mail Center
90. Which special mail services is the most secure because it provides a continuous chain of receipts? registered
91. Which Mail class weight limit is 13 ounces? First Class
92. What is the most secure mail service the USPC offers? Registered
93. When classified information is transmitted from 1 place to another, it must be enclosed in what kind of sealed wrappings, or containers, that durable, enough to properly protect the material from exposure and facilitate detection of tampering Two Opaque
94. Tracer actions are initiated if a sender does not receive a signed receipt within how many days for material sent within the conus or how many days for material sent O-Conus respectively? 30;45
95. The fitness assessment provides who with a tool to assist in the determination of the overall fitness of the military personnel? Commander
96. The Govt Purchase Card is governed by what AF Instruction? 64-117, AF Govt-Wide Purchase Card Program
97. Who is responsible for implementation and administration of the MAJCOM/ Agency Govt Purchase card Program subject to the DOD and the AF Polocies Level 3 FP
98. What agency has the responsibility for establishing AF Travel Card Policies? SAF/FM
99. Commander's calls are conducted at least... Quarterly
100. Which protocol officer are responsible for protocol decorum, customs, and courtesies during AF ceremonies, conferences, and social events; for hosting distinguished visitors; and for honors afforded at military funerals? Installations
On which Main areas does the Administration career field duties focus? - Office Management - Human Resources - Executive Support - Commander's Programs - Postal & Official Mail Duties
What are the requirements for progression to the 5-Level in the Administration career field? - Fulfill 3-level training requirements - Complete 5-level CDC - Complete all on the job training requirements - Be Signed off and qualified on all core and 5-Level tasks in CFETP
What are the titles of three senior leaders or managers in your career field? - AF Career Field Manager - MAJCOM Functional Manager - Base Level Functional Manager
What 3 Items are considered 3A responsibilities? - Correspondence Prepartion - Distribution - Suspense Tracking - Workflow Management - Electronic Mail Management - Content Mangement Majority Customer service related
What is the most effective way to understand what is required for your customers? Maintain open line of communincation
Why should you focus on good customer service rather than timeliness? Understand the customer's needs and so you will do the job right the first time
When a needed service is not able to be provided for a customer what does etiquette dictate? That you should follow up with the customer until the action is complete
What are the communication tasks that require proper etiquette during daily duties? - Email - Memorandums - Suspense Actions
What are two limitations that can impede access to information when using hard drives for file storage? Harddrive run out of room, and cannot e accessed remotely
List 4 types of storage tools. Cloud Technologies, Internet storage, Sharepoint, Intranet Share drive
Why should you be able to identify file type, especially when it comes to identifying an "executable" file? Executeable files can initiate malware and viruses
What is the AF Standard enterprise solution software Microsoft Office Suite
On which Main areas does the Administration career field duties focus? - Office Management - Human Resources - Executive Support - Commander's Programs - Postal & Official Mail Duties
What are the requirements for progression to the 5-Level in the Administration career field? - Fulfill 3-level training requirements - Complete 5-level CDC - Complete all on the job training requirements - Be Signed off and qualified on all core and 5-Level tasks in CFETP
What are the titles of three senior leaders or managers in your career field? - AF Career Field Manager - MAJCOM Functional Manager - Base Level Functional Manager
What 3 Items are considered 3A responsibilities? - Correspondence Prepartion - Distribution - Suspense Tracking - Workflow Management - Electronic Mail Management - Content Mangement Majority Customer service related
What is the most effective way to understand what is required for your customers? Maintain open line of communincation
Why should you focus on good customer service rather than timeliness? Understand the customer's needs and so you will do the job right the first time
When a needed service is not able to be provided for a customer what does etiquette dictate? That you should follow up with the customer until the action is complete
What are the communication tasks that require proper etiquette during daily duties? - Email - Memorandums - Suspense Actions
What are two limitations that can impede access to information when using hard drives for file storage? Hard Drives can reach their capacity and are not remotely accesble
List 4 types of storage tools. - Cloud Technologies - Internet Storage - SharePoint - Intranet share drive
Why should you be able to identify file type, especially when it comes to identifying an "executable" file? When a file is executed, it could contain and introduce a virus, malware, or other malicious software to your system or network
What is the AF Standard enterprise solution software Microsoft Office Suite
Which Microsoft program is used to edit documents such as official memorandums, bullet background papers, resumes and decorations? Microsoft Word
When editing a document, where can you find most of the "tools" needed to allow to cut, copy, paste, use the format painter, and much more? Buttons on the "Home" tab
Which official AF Handbooks should you use as a tool when drafting documents? AFH33-337
When proofing a document, what big advantages does the track changes feature offer the originator of the document? Allows final reviewer or approving official to view the document as it was originally drafted along with the changes for comparision
What characteristic is in common, easily, understood, format and displays Usuability
What characteristic has been afforded adequate protection where required Security
What characteristic has only the minimum level of detail required Brevity
What Characteristic conveys the true situations Accuracy
Available in time to make decisions Timeliness
What Characteristics applies to the mission, tasks, or situation at hand Relevance
Why is using forms in Microsoft Access encouraged? It greatly decreases the chance of the user inputting incorrect data into a field data table that the form is attached to. Forms isolate each individual column of information on a table and allow the user to decipher and concentrate on only that specific
What are the characteristics associated with Microsoft Excel? The ability to store and present information that can associated with mathematical possibilities
Which Microsoft program is used to present slideshows that include animations, audio clips, and text? Microsoft PowerPoint
What is a good way you can determine if there are any flaws in your powerpoint presentation Run through your entire presentation in full screen view looking closely at every slide to determine whether you need to change, add, or delete any information that is not pertinent to your briefing.
What do powerpoint graphics, transitions, and animations have in common when used in a presentation? If graphics, transitions, or animations are over used or are not relevant, they can detract from a presentation
Email Advantages - Transmit information expediently - Create a record of transmittal/receipt - Minimize paper-based correspondence - Secure Correspondence - Access information at numerous locations - Cost effective
Email Disadvantages - Messages can be impersonal - Dependent on network integrity - Subject to computer vulnerabilities/viruses - Can be intercepted/hacked - Does not convey tone/misinterpret tone of conversation
Which Microsoft outlook feature allows the mail message sender to have a record of when a recipients has read the message? Track Messages
What were the certificates that reside on the PKI CAC established to do, and what does publishing these certificates ensure? to Allow true authentication of each user, publishing certificates ensures users' credentials are made public so that they can synchronization information with programs that use their certificates
What should be verified before sending personal information over the e-mail within DOD? 1) There is an official need 2) All addressee(s) including cc addressees are authorized to receive personal information under the PA 3) Personal Information is protected from unauthorized disclosure, loss, or alteration
Which Microsoft Outlook calendar feature allows a user to add invitees to alert other office personnel of a pending absence from the office? Schedule Appointments
Who can grant access to a Microsoft calendar? The owner the calendar
How does communication become "successful" communication? The receiver must not only get the message but must interpret the message in the way the sender intended
To create clear, efficient, and effective communications is the objective of which program? The electronic communication program
What is used to communicate with all DOD agencies? Official Memorandum
What type of memorandum is used to add comments directly on the original memorandum? Indorsement
what type of correspondence is meant to summarize staff work, request action, or forward information in regards t the topic being discussed? Staff Summary Sheet
What is the term given to an action that has a deadline? A Suspense is a term used for the time at which something must happen. Simply out a suspense is a deadline,
When a user's MySite is not used, how many days are allowed until the site is automatically deleted? 90 days
in the SharePoint architecture, whose responsibility is it to ensure all content is up to date and properly maintained according to AF Instructions? Content Manager
What is the purpose of designing SharePoint team sites? A Team site is created to accomandate project collaboration for multiple users across multiple organization or internally
What is the first action you must take when managing documents on a SharePoint site? Create a document library to upload your documents
What type of SharePoint library is designed to hold images? Picture Library
What is the purpose of workflows? Allow coworkers to participate dox collaboration & manage project tasks, implementing an automated business process to track progress of tasks done by multiple members & specific daily routines & keep members informed of assigned deadlines for projects
What is the name of the SharePoint gallery site setting Link that can modify the administrative settings for the site collection? Site Collection Admiinistrators
What SharePoint feature allows the site collection administrator to track all activities that occur within the SharePoint environment? Site Collection Audit
Which type of SharePoint site navigation provides a link to the content page which organizes all of the lists and libraries contained within a site? Quick Launch
What allows the user to gain access to many applications with no further log-in? Single Sign-On
Who has the responsibility to oversee their organizations implementation of the AF Portal Program and the efforts of the content publishers within each organization? Content Manager
Which Portal environment does not contain any publishing tools? Production environment
Which portal portlet can display up to six stories at a glance? A feature portlet
What does a mail to link do when activated? the browser activates their defaults email application and a blank message appears with the specified email address
What is classified information? Official information that has been determines to require protection against unauthorized disclosure and is marked to indicates its classified status when in documentary form?
What type of information would cause exceptionally grave damage to national security if disclosure is unauthorized? Top Secret
Which type of classification decision involves incorporating new material into a document that is already classified? Derivative Information
What markings are classified documents required to have? 1. the overall classification of the document, 2 the agency,office of origin, and date of the document, 3.the office or source document that classified the infomration or "classified by" line. 4. for originally classified documens or material only pg 2-59
You should never send what type of material through BITS or postal system? Top Secret
How should you file FOUO material when building security is provided? with other unclassified records in unlocked files or desks drawers
Due to the sensitive nature of FOUO information, how long should we properly manage FOUO records? Until the information is no longer FOUO or is ready for disposal
How must you dispose of record copies of FOUO documents? In accordance to the Federal Records Act and the DOD componenet records management directives
When can a first party requester not receive information that is in his or her record that is located in a system of records? When the information does not directly pertain to the first party requester
When can you release PA material to a third party? When the subject agrees orally or in writing
When personal information is sent over e-mail within DOD, you must ensure what? Official Need, All Addressees are authorized to receve it, protected from unauthorized disclosure, loss or alteration
What is a Federal Register? Official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notces of federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents
Who must address privacy requirements during the development lifecycle of the information system? Information Systems owner and developers
How can you give a PAS to a subject when you are collecting information from him or her for a system of records? Orally or in writing
What are some examples of noneleasable PII? Marital Status; #, name, sex, of dependents; Civilian Edu unless pertaining to job; School & year of graduation; HOR; Address & Phone#; age and DOB; Deployable & Sensitive information;Race/ethnic Group;SSN; EDIPI
Define a PII breach. Loss of control, compromise, unauthorized disclosure, acquisition, access whether physical or electronic
What is the FOIA exemption 7, and what type of records does it pertain to? Investigative Records - Records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes; i.e. civil, criminal, or military law, including the implementation of executive orders or regulations issued pursuant to law
Who is responsible for coordinating all replies to FOIA requests? FOIA Manager
When is a FOIA request considered received? When the FOIA office responsible for processing the request physically recieves it and the requester states a willingness to pay fees set for the appropriate fee category, has paid any past FOIA debts and has reasonably described the requested records
What type of requests can have multiple organizations review or coordinate on it? Complex
How can you access the publication and forms official repository? Via the AF e-Pubs Web site
What office checks for content accuracy, currency, and integrity of publications and forms and their compliance with publications and use of forms before publication approval? Authoring OPR
Are extensions of instructions; provide additional guidance for performing tasks. Manuals
Are used to extend or add material to higher-level publications Supplements
Are informal "how-to" publications Pamphlets
Are informational and only suggest guidance Nondirective Publications
Are posters or graphic illustrations Visual Aids
What are three types of non-prescribed forms? Office, on-time and test forms
What are two types of publications and forms review the OPR performs? Two Year and Special Reviews
Which form is used when performing a review on a publication? AF Form 673
What is the purpose of the ICR program? to reduces costly, ineffective and redundant information collection and reporting requirements. it establishes procedures for information collecting and reporting of internal, public, and interagency requirements
Which section the product announcements deals with forms? Part Two
Who's responsibility is it to implement the records management program in compliance of the AF instruction? Commanders and Staff Agency Chiefs
Unauthorized destruction of the official records is punishable by what? Up to three years confinements and a fine
What are three types of records? Federal, state, and personal
Which type of record relates to an individuals private affairs and not related to government business? Personal
Which office develops policy and guidance necessary to implement AFRMs Programs? SAF/A6PP
Liaison between unit and base records manager Chief of office or Record
Responsible for legal custody of office records Command Records Manager
Manages the program within his or her command BRM
Manages the local staging area RC
Maintains the office file plan Functional Area Records Manager
What are the next steps in the production process of the office Records Management program after determining the records to maintain? Building the file plan, approving the file plan, and labeling and filing the reords
What type of records should never be entered into AFRIMS? Sensitive, Classified, or PA material
Which type of file arrangement is associated with date sequence? Chronological
On the file plan, how many disposition authorities(Table and rule) are allowed per records series? 1 (ONLY)
What information dose the file folder label display Item number and series title, table & rule, cutoff instructions, office of records and disposition instructions
how should documents be assembled for filing? With the latest action on the top
What are the steps taken when you respond to an official records search request? Acknowledge Receipt, search, acknowledge if you have a negative or positive results & complete closeout the request by giving information about your search instruction to AF RDS AFRIMS
What is the purpose of the DD form 2861? Gives readers a reference "train" to follow when a document is located somewhere else
Why is the charge-out records activity important while maintaining a file plan the RC must use some type of charge out and follow up system to ensure that borrowed documents are returned to the files
Describe some responsibilities that are involved with the records disposition program? scheduling for destruction,Preserving essential records, national archival, setting up safeguard, promptly & Systematically disposing of records of temp value
What are two conditions that could warrant early retirement of records? Destruction by Hostile or potentially hostile action is an ever-present danger . valuable enough to warrant preservation. records that not not frequently referred too
When a disposition schedule changes what, if anything, should you for to inactivate records? Bring inactive and cutoff records under the new standard
What does cutoff describe? A designated point in time or the completion of a specific action or event after which personnel can no longer place records in the active file
What is the SF135 used for? IDs records for retirement to a federal records center or staging area or to transfer records to another organization
When transferring e-record, what are the three types of files/media the NARA accepts? Magnetic Tape, CD-ROM and FTP
Define electronic records? Data in a form that can be read and processed by a computer and satisfy the legal definition of a records
Who are the person(s) involved in managing electronic records on a shared network? RCs, COR, and BRM
What serves as the foundations for managing all electronic records? The Plan structure created in AFRIMS
What functions does the staging area serve for the records programs? Receives, Maintains, and services inactive records for all activities and tenant units on or near the base
what is the minimum files-to-space ration acceptable in the staging area? 2 Cubic feet of files to each sqft of floor space
For security purposes File plan titles should never contain what? File plan title will not contain sensitive, classified, FOUO or PA information
Which program sets the framework for developing AF Manpower Standards? the AF Management Engineering Program
What are two tools used to help manpower resources? the UMD & UPMR
Which Manpower tool lists available unit positions and the people that occupy them? the UPMR
What does a PEC describe? The mission by the identification of the organizational entities and resources needed to perform the assigned mission
AF Manpower Standards are based on what? the concepts that similar work center operations are efficient and standardized throughout the AF or MAJCOM
What environments are manpower standards primarily developed to support? Peacetime
What is the primary strategy for the AF OJT program to develop. mange and execute training programs by providing realistic and flexible training producing a highly skilled and motivated force capable of carrying put all tasks and functions in support of the mission
After a trainee has been assigned to the work cent, when must a supervisor perform an initial evaluation of the trainee's qualifications? Within 60 Days (120 for ARC)
What are the three components of the AF OJT Program Job Knowledge, Proficiency, and Experience
What part of the training plan identifies all the day-to-day requierments requierd to be performed in a duty position the MTL
Which upgrade training examination is closed book examination? The CDC course exemptions
What is the rank requierments for obtaining the craftsman, 7-Skill Level SSgt
What does the term "local area" mean as it refers to airmen starting or ending leave? The Place of residence from which the member commutes to the duty station on a daily basis
Who is the approval authority for leave that that is granted for members to resolve emergencies but do not have enough accrued leave? Unit Commander
Who overseas the convalescent leave program? the AF Surgeon General
What is the formal communication between a rater and the ratee that gives job performance expectations? the ACA
Which web-based tool allows commanders access to pending and projected evaluations? the BLSDM
What publication displays all enlisted study references authorized for enlisted promotion testing? the EPRRC
When awarded a BTZ promotion, a member can wear the SrA rank how long prior to reaching qualified phase point? Six Months
Within how many months of their ETS do FTAs receives SRP considerations? 15 Months
What is the term used for maximum # of years in conjunction with an Airmen may serve before required to separate or retire? HYT
What are the SRB zones? ZoneA between 17 months & 6 yrs, ZoneB between 6 & 10 yrs, ZoneC between 10 & 14 yrs and ZoneE between 18& 20 yrs
What is the maximum amount a times that a member can remain on a control roster? Six Months
What type of action, if given, is mandatorily files in an officers UIF? LOR
In the BLSDM, Commanders can delegate access to members who are within what unit symbol or code? PAS
Which system contains a member's career brief which can be accessed by commanders and their delegates the AMS
Which program is part of the INTRO program? the Sponsorship Program
What is the purpose of the personnel Reliability Program? Ensuring personnel who perform duties involving nuclear weapons meet the reliability standards through screening, selecting, & continuous evaluation of personnel who handles & controls the launch of or access to nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons Systems
What are the three categories of AF specialty code award programs? Airmen -- AF Outstanding Administration Airman NCOs -- AF Outstanding Administration NCO SNCOs -- AF Outstanding Administrations SCNO
a Decor 6 is automatically produced for which three events? PCS/A, Retirement, Seperation
What web-based application should a member use to apply for retirement? The virtual Military Personnel Flight application
In the Military Postal Service, who acts as the DOD-wide Functional Director Executive Director, MPSA
Which postal activity publishes the Military massing and Labeling instructions? JMPA
What is the name of an AF base's or installation's "local" post office? OMC
The ADO acts as the bridges between which two offices? Action Office & OMC
Which postal activity is operated y the DOD to serve military personnel overseas or on location where the USPS does not operate? The MPO
Consists of newspaper, magazines and journals Periodical Mail
Mail that weaihs more than 13 ounces, up to 70 lbs First Class Mail
If mail is damaged, the ADO and mail clerks must take what action(s)? Ensure damage articles are endorsed properly and rewrapped.
What optional form, also known as a "holey joe", is used when sending unclassified communications though intrabase distribution? Option Form 65B or C, US Government Messager Envelope
What items, if peculiar, could help in identifying a suspicious mail package? Retrn Addrs. Restrct Mrkings. Sealed w/tape. misspelled wrds badly typed/written. unknown powder or substance. possibly mailed from foreign country. stains. odor. incorrect addressing. rigid/bulky.uneven.wires
What office would you contact if you suspect dangerous mail? Local Military law enforcement officials
What type of action should the sending activity initiate if a recipient has not returned receipt of delivery and confirmed that he or she has received a package? Security incident procedures
What is the goal of the fitness program? to Motivate, all members to participate in a year-round physical conditional program that emphasizes total fitness to include proper aerobic conditioning, muscular fitness training & Healthy eating. An Active lifestyle will maintain a level of readiness
Which system enables DOD travelers to create orders and travel reservations? the DTS
Who must ensure all documents they approve are accurate and required documents and receipts are embedded in the DTS? AO
Which office appoints an AF Government Purchase Card Level 2 focal point? SAF/AQC
In the GPC program, who must ensure that adequate funding is available prior to making any purchasing actions? The Cardholder
Which agency writes, revises, and negotiates with the contracted credit card company on all issues for the GTC program? The GSA
What ceremony is a traditional ceremony where commanders make sure that the member is given a tangible expression of appreciate for his or her contributions? Retirement
How should a change of command ceremony be executed? Should be official, formal, and brief and conducted with great dignity
What is etiquette? Etiquette is a code of ethical regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other or common or everyday courtesy
Why is etiquette an important part of our daily interactions? Because the military world functions very eloquently when members practice good manners and respect towards eachother
On duty, and especially in the duty section, how should a military members address another military member? By Rank & Last name
Requires a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 Pounds Standard Mail
the weigh limit is 13 ounces Priority Mail
Provides expedited USPS delivery service Express Mail
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