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TOEFL vocabulary 1

Barron's TOEFL p37

to realize your potential/ambition, etc to reach or achieve: She never _______ her ambition of performing on TV.We try to help all students ____________ their potential.
an individual, (can also be an adjective) The competition is open to teams and _______________. She's got a very _____________style.
to yield to produce or result in: This savings account ___________ very good returns. The research has ___________ a lot of useful information.
to thrive to do well, become healthy. The children ______ on the good food in the refugee camp. He ran a _________ (adj) company for many years.
to wither to become weak. The plants ______ in the strong sunlight. All our hopes ______ away.
to vary to be different from each other (in size, colour, etc.) The quality of students' work ______ a lot. Class numbers ______ between 15 and 30.
to contribute to be a cause of: Many factors can _______ to higher cancer risks, for example smoking, poor diet and so on. To increase or improve: This research ______ a lot to our understanding of the problem.
malnutrition poor food quality/eating habits. mal= poor, bad.
a host of a lot of: The research showed there is a ______ of factors that contribute to the problem.
to contend to say sthg is true (esp in an argument): Many experts _______ that drinking coffee brings a host of health benefits.
to counter to answer by saying that sthg is not true: Such ideas are not easily _______. He ____ by giving evidence from other research studies.
an attribute a special quality or feature: Patience is an important ____ of a good teacher. The actress had many special _____ that made the director want her for the role.
a highly controversial study, topic, book, etc. There is a _________ plan to build a new airport in Istanbul. Thatcher is a _________ politician. People strongly disagree about her ideas and actions.
to undergo (past - underwent) to experience sthg, usually unpleasant: Some children undergo a complete change in personality when they become teenagers.
to be committed to to be loyal: Many men are _____ to their wives and families. He was _____ to socialism all his life.
to stem from to be the result of, because of: The increase in smoking among teenagers seemed to _____ from easily availability of cigarettes.
to compensate, compensation to pay someone money because they lost sthg or someone: The courts ordered the airlines to pay ________ after the crash. Getting wiser _______ for the loss of youth as one gets older.
to be determined by to be decided by: A person's character is ________ by their childhood experiences and personality.
Created by: kaysmith12