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From what three areas did the Z Party gain support? South Germany, Prussian Poland and Alsace-Lorraine
How many seats did the Z Party have in 1871? 63, 2nd largest party in the Reichstag
What was the main reason for Bismarck's clash with the Centre Party? Internal opposition to unification
In 1864 Pius IX's syllabus of error condemned what political party? Liberals
What was issued in 1870 and perceived to be fighting talk from Bismarck? Papal Infability
What law was passed in 1871? Pulpit paragraph
Give 6 orders from the May Laws of 1873 - end of Papal jurisdiction - Jesuit order - appointment of priests required German education - state could veto religious appointments - state controlled matters of church discipline - lay inspections of schools - civil marriage=compulsory 1874
What was the Bread and Basket Law of 1875? It denied state subsides to any priest who refused to sign a declaration in support of gov legislation
How many of the 12 Prussian bishops had been exiled or deprived of office by 1876? 10
Of the 10,000 priests how many submitted to the laws? 30
Why did the Kulturkampf end in 1879? Bismarck had failed to remove the threat of the Centre Party as the events had increased their popularity. Pope Pius IX died in 1878 and Bismarck took this opportunity to improve relations.
How did Bismarck turn the failure of the Kulturkampf into an advantage? By harnessing the political power of the Centre Party to support Conservative, protectionist and anti-socialist measures
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