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German Constitution

German Political System 1871

What is a constitutional monarchy? A Queen/King is head of state but the ability to make and pass laws resides with the parliament
What evidence is there in agreement with the empire being governed by Prussian oligarchy? - Reichstag had little power and could be dissolved - deputies just managed budgets and consented to legislation which could be vetoed anyway - Kaiser could manipulate entire system - the silencing of the working population led to reactionary politics
Who could appoint/dismiss the chancellor? The Kaiser
Who can dissolve the Reichstag? The Kaiser
How are the members of the Reichstag elected and how often? Through universal male suffrage every 5 years
What were the names of the 6 main political parties? - Conservatives - national liberals - centre party -progressives - free conservatives - SPD (1875)
What 3 political parties made up a parliamentary majority in 1879? The national liberals, the progressives and the free conservatives
What is a federal state? A government in which several states,while independent in domestic affairs, combine for general purposes
What percentage of the population was under Prussian dominance? 60%
What percentage of German territory was under Prussian dominance? 2/3rds
What were the powers of the Bundesrat? To give their consent to pass laws. There were 58 members and 17 votes against the law constituted as a veto
How many Prussian members were there is the Bundesrat? 17
Explain the Prussian the electoral system Three class system where voters were divided into 3 classes depending on the amount of tax they paid so the most electoral power went to the rich
Created by: Am3lia