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Medical Terminology: CH 20 Radiology and Diagnosyic Imaging

The injection of radiopaque contrast medium into an arterial blood vessel to make visualization of the cerebral vascular system via x-ray possible. cerebral angiography
A form of radiation therapy appliad a short distance froma tumor. brachytherapy
A record of the unltrasonic echoes of the brain. echoencephalogram
Film record produced by x-rays. roentgenogram
Process of making x-ray images radiography
Diagnostic technique using x-rays to obtain images of tissues or an organ at difficult levels or planes. tomography
Visualizing and outlining of the major bile ducts following an intervenous injection of a contrast medium. cholangiography
Computerized radiographic images of various body structures produced when radioactive substance are inhaled or injected. positron emission tomography scan
An isotope that undergoes radioactive decay. radioisotope
A technique in radiology used to determine the concentration of an antigen, antibody, or other protein in the serum. radioimmunoassay
A x-ray technique that produces a film representing a detailed cross section of tissue structure. computed tomography CT
radiotherapy in which needles or wires that contain radioactive material are inplanted directly into tumor areas. interstitial therapy
Exposure to any form of radiant energy such as light, heat or x-ray. irradiation
The voltage range of 100 to 350 KeV supplied by some x-ray generators used for radiation therapy. orthovoltage
To soothe or relieve. palliative
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