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Work book Ch. 8

Nervous System

The Nervous System is comprised of which two divisions? central & peripheral
The central nervous system is comprised of the_____? brain & spinal cord
What are the three functions of the nervous system? monitors the internal and external environment, integrates sensory information, coordniates voluntary responses from many organ systems
The efferent division of the peripheral nervous system is comprised of which two divisions? somatic & autonomic
_____ impulses carry info from th peripheral nervous system to the centrl nervous system. afferent
What gives the gray color to the cll body areas? nissl bodies
Describe a bipolar neuron. one dendrite & one axon with a cell body
What are the 3 functional groups that neurons are sorted into? sensory, motor, interneuron
Neurons are classified based on their structure as _____. multipolar, bipolar, unipolar
The node of Ranvier are part of which neuroglial cell? oligodendrocyte
What two neuroglial cells are found in the peripheral nervous system? schwann and satellite
A thin, mebanous sheath that increases the speed of action potential down the axon is called the _____. myelin
Name three examples of demyelination disorders. Guillain-Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and diphtheria
If the normal resting membrane potential is -70 mV, what would the membrane potential be if the membrane was hyperpolarized? -80 mV
Opening of the sodium channels in the mebrane of the neuron results in _____. depolarization
Which ion is responsible for causing the neuron to become hyperpolarized? potassium
What neurotoxin can be found in puffer fish? tetrodotoxin
When the action potential of the cell jumps from node to node, it can travel much faster than if traveling through the cell. What is this process called? saltatory propagation
Which ion triggers the release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic membrane? calcium
Organophosphate insecticides like sarin gas have been used in previous terrorist attacks. What is the principle action of organophosphate poisons? deactivates acetylcholinestrase
What drug blocks the effects of the organophosphate? atropine
There are over 50 different known neurotransmitters. What neurotransmitter is inhibitory & causes hyperpolarization of the cell? dopamine
Name the normal order of meningeal layer protection, starting proximal to the brain. pia, arachnoid, dura
Bleeding above the dura from a severe head inj. is called a _____ hematoma. epidural
Name three lobes of the brain. frontal, temporal, occipital
The brain stem consists of the _____. midbrain, pons, medulla
The primary structure that links the nervous system with the endocrine system is the _____. pituitary gland
Name the part of the brain stem that is responsible for regulation of HR, BP, and Resp.. medulla oblongata
The elevated ridges on the outer surface of the brain are called _____. gyri
The postcentral gyrus is located in the _____ lobe. parietal
The speech center of the brain is called the _____. Broca's area
If a PT incurred an inj. to the hippocampus, what action would be impacted te most? memory
Name 3 functions of the limbic system. establing emotional states, linking the conscious intellectual functions of the cerebral cortex with the unconscious & autonomic functions of the brain stem, long-term memory storage & retrieval
Name the disease that is responsible for damaging the hippocampus & interfering with memory storage. Alzheimer's disease
Name the cranial nerve responsible for controlling the amt. of light that enters the eye. oculomotor
Which cranial nerve is called the wandering nerve? vagus
Which craial nerve is responsible for hearing? vestibulocochlear
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there? 31
A reflex that has a direct connection from the sensory neuron to the motor neuron is referred to as a _____ reflex. monosynaptic
Name the division of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for the "fight or flight" response. sympathetic
Name three sympathetic nervous system receptors. alpha, beta, dopamine
Common anatomical changes that occur to the brain with age reduction in brain size, reduction in neurons, decrease in blodd flow to the brain
What % of strokes is considered ischemic? 80-85%
Created by: Wisniewski