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SAT Vocab 7

undaunted not discouraged or disheartened; resolutely courageous
unsavory distasteful or disagreeable; morally offensive
unfailing the quality of being sure and certain; constant
unaffected the quality of being emotionally unmoved by outside events
unscrupulous the quality of being unprincipled; lacking standard of what is right and honorable
unpretentious characterized by a modest and natural manner; not stilled or unnaturally
myriad many; a large number
narcissistic characterized by excessive self-absorption, especially about ones personal appearance
moribund approaching death; on the verge of becoming obsolete
voluptuous full of delight or pleasure; having a shapely and pleasing appearance
protean capable of assuming many different shapes and form; extremely variable
trivial of little worth or importance; trifling; insignificant
sophistry the deliberate use of subtly deceptive and misleading arguments
laconic marked by very few words; very brief and to the point
quixotic characterized by an idealistic but impractical quest
hubris overbearing pride and arrogance
draconian describes laws, rules, and punishments that are very harsh and severe
cavalier characterized by a haughty disregard for others; arrogant and overbearing
antediluvian ridiculously old and out of date
indomitable cannot be tamed or subdued
catharsis an experience that cleanses the spirit and leaves a person feeling emotionally refreshed
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