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Anatomy: Cartilage

Lecture 7: Cartilage, Bone, Skeletal System

Hyaline Cartilage Most abundant kind of cartilage Clear Matrix (Hyaline means glassy) Later replaced by bone Made faster than bone in early development
Where do you find Hyaline in Adults? Larynx (voicebox) Respiratory Tubes Anterior ends of ribs (costal Cartilages)
Articular Cartilages cover ends of bones in movable joints
Epiphyseal Plates between shafts of young bones (growth plates)
Elastic Cartilage More bendable and stretchy than hyaline cartilage occur in extracellular matrix
Fibrocartilage resembles dense connective tissue in ligaments push me, pull you tissue that resists both compression AND tension lies near attachment to bone contain chondrocytes like other cartilage
Where can you find fibrocartilage? pubic symphysis intervertebral disks (annulus fibrosus rings) Menisci of Knee
Chondrocytes roundish cartilage cells in extracellular matrix of cartilage Secretes Matrix of cartilage
Hollow space in cartilage matrix filled by chondrocytes Lacunae
Perichondrium Means "around the cartilage" Acts as strong girdle growth membrane
Matrix of Cartilage consists of fibers, ground substance, and large amount of tissue fluid ground substance makes cartilage stiff and springy, absorbs compressions
What makes cartilage different than bones, Connective Tissue, etc? No Nerves or blood Vessels nutrients reach chondrocytes through diffusion from capillaries in perichondrium, easy because of high water concentration
Calcified Cartilage in elderly and young growing skeleton becomes calcified, just degeneration of cartilage, not turning into bone
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