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SS Exam7

Mid-Term 2015 7th Grade

St. Augustine In Florida, founded by Pedro Menendez de Alives, it is first permanent North American settlement
Newfoundland Humphrey Gilbert lead a group of settlers to Newfouldland, he claimed it for Queen Elizabeth, he dies on journey, settlers behind die too
Virginia Dare First English Child born in America, Roanoake Island, On Aug. 18, group of 150 settlers arrive, but too late for growing season
Roanoake Sr. Walter Raleigh, 1/2 brother of Humphrey Gilbert. He sent colonists there. Next year more. 1585 he finds Chesapeake Bay
Roanoake Lost John White returns to find no colonists, but word "CROATOAN" carved on a tree. Is a mystery where the people went
Jamestown Christopher Newport, captain of ship, names and finds James River and Jamestown after King James 1. John Smith stays there. 80% die in first 3 years
Hudson River Dutch Explorer Henry Hudson, explored Delaware Bay and river was named after him. 3rd voyage here. In 1611 crew got lost when they were icebound on the shore of James Bay
Tobacco John Rolfe introduced it to England in 1612. It makes King James 1 rich, even though not healthy. Tobacco starts in Jamestown, Virginia
Pocahontas Daughter of Chief Powhatan, marries John Rolfe, she becomes Christian when it happens. Powhatan Tribe and Virginia settlers maintain peace. She dies visiting England with John Rolfe
Slavery in Jamestown Cargo of 20 African Slaves come on Dutch ship to Jamestown. Dutch privateer took them from a Spanish ship
House of Burgesses First legislative assembly in the British colonies, meets for first time in Jamestown, Virginia
Plymouth Colony 100 pilgrims arrive there Nov. 11, 1620 off Cape Cod. Make a government and establish Mayflower Compact to govern colony. Half of pilgrims die first winter of disease and starvation
Massachusetts Bay Colony Founded 1000+ Congregational Puritans, led by Gov. John Winthrop, founded Massachusetts Bay Colony, settling Boston and other towns
Salem Founded Colonists arriving at Massachusetts Bay colony establish a colony and name it Salem
Pequot War Began in Connecticut, 240 Puritans and 1000 of Narraganset Indian allies attack the Pequot without warning. Pequot were most fluent tribe in New England. By 1837, almost wiped out
Manhattan Dutch Colonists led by Peter Minut purchase Manhattan Island from chiefs of Wappinger Confederacy, establish New Amsterdam
Maryland King Charles 1 grants charter to Cecil Calvert for a proprietary colony. First in the Americas.
Rhode Island Roger Williams established the settlement of Providence, the colony of Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations.
Anne Hutchinson Killed in settlement later known as New Rochelle, New York, by Indians. Puritans think her death as divine intervention
New York English troops take New Amsterdam from Dutch, name it New York
Carolina King Charles 2 charters Carolina, stretching from Virginia to Florida and from sea to sea, to eight loyal courtiers. 1712, the territory is divided into North and South
King Phillip's War King Philip leads Narraganset and Wampanoag warriors in attacks on 52 New England settlements. Before killed in 1676, destroyed a dozen settlements and killed 600 people. His wife, children, and warriors were sold into slavery. Bad blow to Indian people
Charleston Founded William Sayle and settlers arrive in Carolina, founded Charleston and joined by british planters, African slaves, and French Huguenots who wanted religious freedom
Bacon's Rebellion Virginia planter Nathaniel Bacon raises army of farmers, won a seat in House of Burgesses for inspection of governor, Occupied Jamestown and forced governor to leave. He dies, rebellion ends
Marquette and Jolliet They are French explorers, Marquette a Jesuit Priest, and Jolliet. a fur trader, came down Wisconsin River, hit Mississippi River, first Europeans to discover Miss. River since Hernando de Soto in 1541
Louisiana Robert Cavelier claims Mississippi for France, naming it Louisiana, in honor of King Louis 14. France, Spain lay claim on land until France sells it to U.S.
Pennsylvania William Penn, part of Quakers, founded Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, 1/3 of them die of smallpox during 2 month journey
Salem Witch Trials Witchcraft hysteria begins in Salem, Massachusetts. Over next 2 years, 20 people executed for being found guilty.
New Orleans The Sieur de Bienville establishes New Orleans near mouth of Mississippi River, 4 years later it becomes capitol of Louisiana
Georgia Settled by James Oglethorpe, a philanthropist. The colony is a haven for debtors and serves as buffer between Spanish - controlled Florida and Carolina
Created by: goalie847
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