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A&P muscular system

Stack #20489

job of tropomyosin covers actin's binding site
has a myosin binding site actin
have heads (crossbridges) myosin
holds tropomyosin in place troponin
covers binding site of actin tropomyosin
excitation-contraction coupling receiving and propagating a stimulus to contraction
the contraction cycle when stimulated, crossbridges attach to myosin binding site on actin
job of crossbridges act like tiny ratchets to propel thin filaments toward center of sarcomere
location of sarcomere Z line to Z line of myofibril
NMJ area f contact between neuron and sarcolemma
synapse where nerve cell communicates with other cell through release of Ach
synaptic gap space between synaptic terminal and sarcolemma
synaptic end bulbs expanded ends of neuron that fit into motor end plate
motor end plate area on sarcolemma where acetylcholine receptors are found
Acetylcholine (Ach) neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) released at the NMJ
When Ach binds to receptors at motor end plate, muscle becomes more permeable to sodium
ATP the main energy currency in living cells; usd to transfer the chemical energy needed for metabolic reactions
where does the energy for muscular activity come from? ATP
ATP is needed for what in muscle metabolism? energy for conractions, to detach cross bridges, to pump calcium ions back into the SR
in order for muscle contractions to continue, ___ needs to be regenerated ATP
where is ATP made? mitochondria
the SR stores this Calcium
at rest, active sites of actin are covered by tropomyosin
the ___contains vesicles filled w/ Ach synaptic end bulb
contains receptors for Ach motor end plate
at rest, tropomyosin held in place by troponin
synaptic cleft space between end bulb and motor end plate; where Ach is released for diffusion
motor unit single neuron and all the muscle fibers it controls
isotonic muscle changes in length as tension rises
isometric does not change lengthen as tension rises
Created by: ShellyA&P