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People Types

English Vocabulary

stalwart a loyal follower or adherent
connoisseur an expert; authority
sage a person who is known for wisdom
anarchist on who opposes laws and government
prodigy one of great talent; a young genius
itinerant one who travels around for work
automaton one devoid of feeling or acts in a mechanical way
swindler one who encourages trust and then betrays that trust; a con man
mentor an advisor; teacher; guide
virtuoso one of great artistic talent
devotee an ardent follower
boor one who is rude and insensitive
recluse one who leads a solitary life; a hermit
pragmatist one who is practical not given to fantasy
neophyte one who is a beginner
skeptic one who doubts
iconoclast someone who opposes traditions and conventions
charlaton a fake; a fraud; a cheat
pundit an authority who expresses his/her opinions on topics
syncophant one who wins favor through flattery; a brown noser; a kiss up; an ......kisser
vagabond one who wanders
greenhorn one who is new to something; a novice
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