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alienate (v.) To cause to turn away
elated (adj.) Very proud or happy, or in high spirits
epigram (n.) A short, witty saying or quip
fatalistic (adj.) Believing that everything is determined by fate and is inevitable
lackadaisical (adj.) Without spirit or interest or effort
licentious (adj.) Ignoring rules or morals; Uncontrolled and immoral
numismatist (n.) One who collects coins
obtrude (v.) To force something upon another person, To intrude upon
paucity (n.) Smallness of number or scarce
pensive (adj.) Deep in thought
amalgamate (v.) To combine; To mix or blend together
antiquated (adj.) Old-fashioned and obsolete, Not useful anymore, Old
beleaguer (v.) To annoy persistently; harass
caricature (n.) A picture or representation in which natural characteristics are exaggerated or distorted
dally (v.) To waste time idly, To fool around or delay
demented (adj.) Crazy, mentally ill, insane
felonious (adj.) Involving or concerning criminal activity, lawbreaking
gorge (v.) To stuff with food, to swallow; (n.) A small canyon with steep walls
hone (v.) To make sharper, to make more effective or improve
opiate (n.) A narcotic drug that causes sleep and relieves pain
ambidextrous (adj.) Having the ability of using both hands with equal skill or ease
animate (v.) To give life to, To move or stir to action; (adj.) Possessing life or alive
belated (adj.) After the expected or usual time; Delayed or tardy
berserk (adj.) Violently or destructively enraged; (adv.) Destructively or violently enraged
chauvinist (n.) One who is prejudiced in the superiority of their gender, group, or kind; (adj.) Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind
delude (v.) To mislead the mind or judgment of; To deceive
edifice (n.) An impressively large, overwhelming building or structure
egalitarian (adj.) Belief that all people should have equal rights; (n.) One who believes that all people should have equal rights.
knead (v.) To work clay or dough into a uniform mixture by pressing, folding and stretching
ostentatious (adj.) Showy and intended to impress others
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