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Arteries LL

which arteries supply what?

Branches of the Femoral a. 1. Superficial Epigastric a.2. Superficial circumflex Iliac a.3. Superficial external pudendal a.4. Deep external pudendal a.5. Muscular branches6. Profunda femora
supplies inguinal lymph nodes and skin above the inguinal ligament Superficial Epigastric a.
supplies skin and lymph nodes about iliac crest Superfical Circumflex Iliac a.
supplies skin in the lower part of the abdomen and external genetalia Superficial external pudendal a.
supplies skin of external genetalia Deep external pudendal a.
Muscular Branches
Branches of the Profunda Femora?? 1. Medial Circumflex Femoral a.2. Lateral Circumflex Femoral a.3. Preforating branches
supplies adductors, obturator externus, acetabulum and head of femur Medial circumflex femoral a.
supplies vastus lateralis Lateral circumflex femoral a.
supplies adductors, hamstrings, and gluteus minimus Preforating branches
Cruciate anastomosis is made up of what a.? M. circumflex femoral a., L. circumflex femoral a., inferior gluteal a., and 1st preforating branch.
supplies distal parts of adductor magnus and hamstrings, gastrocnemius and soleus plantaris, and skin over the popliteal fossa Popliteal a.
Supply the knee joint, ligaments, and popliteus 1. SM Gen. a.2. IM Gen. a.3. Middle Gen.4. SL Gen. a.5. IL Gen. a.
supplies Posterior and lateral compartments of the leg Posterior Tibial a.
supplies Posterior and later compartments of the leg Fibular (peroneal) a.
supplies medial side of foot and first toe Medial Plantar a.
connects with deep plantar branch of dorsalis pedis to form plantar arch, which supplies plantar metatarsal aa. which supply the plantar digital aa. Lateral Plantar a.
supplies Anterior compartment muscles of the leg Anterior Tibial a.
supplies the medial ankle Anterior Medeal Malleolar a.
supplies the lateral ankle Anterior Lateral Malleolar a.
continuation of A. tibial a., passes anterioly from the ankle joint along the tibial side of the dorsum of foot to proximal part of the 1st intermatatarsel space where it divides. Dorsalis Pedis a.
gives off dorsalmetarsal aa. which gives off dorsal digitall aa. Arcuate a.
Other branch of the dorsalis pedis 1st Dorsal Metatarsal a.
Penetrates to plantar surface and combines with lateral plantar a. and forms the plantar arch? Deep Plantar Branch
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