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Why purpose is important? What AGD stands for; unifes the women
Why purpose is important to me? what it means to you ;EXPLAIN
Marguerite Shepard 1st founder
Ethel Evelyn Brown Distin Founded Beta chapter
Estelle Shepard Beswick 1st editor of AGD quarterly
Mary Lousie Synder 1st missionary
Georgia Otis Chapman 1st business manager of the quarterly
Emily Helen Butterfield Designed the armorial bearings
Edith Maconnell Hickok took part in writing the beginning of the Initiation ritual
Flora Knight Mayer Contributed to development of fraternity songs
Grace Mosher Harter Helped install Gamma chapter
Jennie Titus Smith Morris wore the 1st AGD badge ever made
Georgie Alberta Dickover Historian for 18 years
Our Jewel Pearl
Our Colors Red, Buff, Green
Our Flowers Red, Buff roses, and green asparagus plumosa fern
Brand message Live with PURPOSE
International Headquarters Location Indianapolis, Indiana
SFSU AGD Chapter Delta Pi
Founding Date May 30th,1904
Founding place Syracuse University at Syracuse
Mascot Skiouros/ Squirrel
Name 3 Alpha gam songs 1)How I love those Alpha Gams 2) A-L-P-H-A 3)Grace
How do you collegiettes wear badge? Over their heart
Current international president Rie Gerah Huehner
Name one chapter committee and how it works 1recruitment
In AGD the ritual referts to... -secret ceremonies -saying the purpose and understanding it
Chapter average to remain in good standing 2.9
GPA for individual good standing 2.5
2 resources available in AGD -test bank -studygroups
why do we have officer teams? to regulate certain issues and organize each event diligently
what is strive for pi GPA? 3.14
Name a chapter committee and describe its function in the chapter Lip Sync. committee: Plan and run the event and get other organizations, frats, and sororities involved to raise to money for the AGD foundation
what is the AGD foundation? Supports the diabetes research awareness, scholarships and disaster relief
State the purpose of The Foundation Inspire the woman, Impact the world
Created by: melindapagala
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