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Forms of Govt. Quiz

What do you call it when there's no government at all? anarchy
What is a government ruled by a king and a royal family called? Monarchy
What do you call a government that features mostly religion-based laws? Theocracy
What is a government led by a single person called? Dictatorship
What do you call a government led by a small group of people? Oligarchy
What do you call a government in which all decisions are made by the people? Direct Democracy
What is a government with elected officials called? Representative Democracy
What do we call the change from one government to another? Revolution
In a Communist country, workers have no __ to work harder. incentive
In most cases, the cost of a good or service depends on the supply and __ of that good. demand
A system of government in which the head of state is a hereditary position and the king or queen has complete power. Absolute Monarchy
A system in which the government holds nearly all political power and the means of production. Communism
In a __/ Communism , the government determines the economy. command economy
The institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies Government
People, government, territory, & sovereignty defines a __. State
States that God created the State Divine Right Theory
Idea that one person claims controls over an area, forcing all in the area to submit to that persons rule. Force Theory
Family > Clan > Tribe > State Evolutionary Theory
Opposed ratification of the constitution. Antifederalist
first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights
called for a bicameral legislature, favored the large States Virgina Plan
one of earliest English efforts towards limited government created‎ in ‎1215 A.D. Magna Carta
Supported ratification of the U.S. Constitution Federalsts
Powerful alliance of six native American nations Iroquois Confederation
sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid. Ratify
essays written in support of the ratification of the Constitution Federalist Papers
proposal that called for a unicameral legislature, supported by the small States New Jersey Plan
passed by Parliament in the Glorious Revolution English Bill Of Rights
created a system for admitting States into the Union Northwest Ordinance
parliament's first attempt to tax the colonist directly Stamp Act
delegates to the Constitutional convention framers
the nation's first constitution, adopted June 12,1777 Articles of confederation
revolt of Massachusetts farmers led by a former Revolutionary war captain Shay's rebellion
settled disagreement about how enslaved people should be counted in calculated congressional representation Three-Fifths Compromise
combined elements from both the Virginia and New Jersey Plans Great Compromise
held in Philadelphia at Independence Hall Constitutional Convention
wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 Thomas Jefferson
Created by: weakstick