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Classics Events L3

The events for Alexanders campaign.

WEDDINGS 21. The Susa Weddings: Alexander and many other high Macedonian officers marry, 91 Persian woman of high noble birth in a mass Persian styled wedding. Causes conflict in troops, makes us wonder why Alexander did it?
GEDROSIA : DESERT 20. The Gedrosia Dessert: After the Mutiny at Hydaspes, Alexander makes his army march through a large desert. Killing many of the soldiers. It is wondered whether or not this was punishment from Alexander?
LETTERS 9. Seiges of Gaza and Tyre: During theses seiges Darius sends Alexander letters, trying to persuade him to turn around. However Alexander does not do this, and pushes forward.
MERGING CULTURES 22. The Mutiny at Opis: Following the Susa Weddings. Alexander decides to dismiss some his older Macedonian troops, and replaces them with young Persians. Angering the Macedonian troops.
HYDASPES 18. Mutiny After Hydaspes: The first mutiny of Alexanders troops, after conquering the Persian empire they have had enough and want to go home. So disobey Alexander and force him to turn back. Causing Alexander to sulk : (
DEATH 13. Darius's Death: The death of Darius is what ultimately ends Alexanders Persian campaign. But is also what starts his Asia campaign.
GRANICUS 6. The Battle of Granicus: Alexanders first major battle in his Asia campaign, shows us what he is like and is the first time we see his leadership abilities.
ISSUS : MERCY 8. Aftermath of Issus: Alexander defeats darius, when up against superior numbers, and has intelligence failures. He absolutely annihelates the Persians. And also spares Darius's family.
Created by: stu14020