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Cert II Hospitality

What is a Temporary Emulsion? A temporary emulsion will stay blended or emulsified for a few minutes (eg. Vinaigrette)
What is the classification of salads? 1. Garden salad 2. Fruit salad 3. Classical salad 4. Modern salad 5. Cultural/Ethnic salad 6. Warm/cold salad
Name some presentation adjustments that can be made to a dish 1. Colour 2. Contrast 3. Balance 4. Taste 5. Cleaning drips & spills 6. Plates
What is the ratio of water to rice? White rice = 1:2 Brown rice = 1:2 1/2
What does 'Al dente' mean? Al dente = to the tooth and it means that the pasta is slightly resistant and has a chewy texture
What is 4 types of information that is used to assist in Purchasing Requirements? 1. Numbers 2. Dietary requirements 3. Event running sheet 4. Menu
What is Ravioli Pesto? Pasta filled with ricotta and spinach served with a basil and pine-nut pesto sauce
What is a soft peak? When you can pull a whisk through a whipped egg white but doesn't hold its shape
List the categories of fruit and name one example for each 1. Pomes - apples 2. Berry - blueberry 3. Stonefruit - apricot 4. Melon - watermelon 5. Tropical - banana's 6. Tomatoes & Avocados
Three examples of root vegetables 1. Carrot 2. Beetroot 3. Turnip
What is the ratio in a vinaigrette? 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar
What is a modern salad? A salad that has evolved over a period of time and they include a variety of different ingredients including cooked and uncooked ingredients
What are the 4 parts of a salad? 1. Base 2. Body 3. Dressing 4. Garnish
List three types of suppliers for a function 1. Butcher 2. Fruit and Veg 3. Tableware
Why may a stock turn cloudy? 1. Boiled too quickly 2. Potato or starchy vegetable is used 3. Fats/oils are not correctly skimmed while cooking 4. A lid is used 5. The stock is not carefully strained
How is a puree made? Add fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables into a blender and pulverize, pass through a sieve to remove lumps then add liquid
What is the ratio of meat to bones in a stock? 10 parts water to 5 parts meat bones (2:1)
What are 3 qualities of a good stock? - Clarified/clear - No fats on the surface - Flavoursome
What are the main ingredients of a Waldorf Salad? Sliced apple, Celery, Walnuts, Mayonnaise
How should a salad be stored? They should be covered (airtight container or glad-wrap), dated, named, and placed in a fridge (1-4 degrees) without dressing
List 3 important principles in salad preparation 1. Colour and texture 2. Portion control 3. Flavor
What is the size of a Julienne? 2mm x 2mm x 40mm
How do you cook instant Cous Cous? Measure and place in a pot and add hot water or stock. Place onto heat and simmer cous cous and water until the cous cous has absorbed the liquid, then fluff with a fork and serve
How do you store fresh pasta? Sprinkle the pasta with flour or semolina and store flat on a tray in a single layer. Cover, label, date and place the tray in a fridge for no longer than 24hrs
How should eggs be stored? All eggs should be stored in a temp of 2 - 5 degrees and be stored in their cartons with the blunt end facing upwards
What temps do eggs coagulate? Egg White = 60 - 65 degrees Egg Yolk = 65 - 70 degrees Whole Egg = 68 degrees
Three examples of a broth 1. Minestrone 2. French Onion Soup 3. Scotch Broth
Three examples of a cold soup 1. Gazpacho 2. Cucumber Soup 3. Tomato and basil
What is a Bouillabaisse? A Bouillabaisse is a traditional French soup and normally consists of three types of fish in a rich broth
What is a Veloute Sauce? Its a Grand Sauce used to make other sauces such as Mustard Cream Sauce
Example of an Emulsion Sauce? Vinaigrette or Mayonnaise
What is a Mirepoix? - 15mm to 20mm approx. - Vegetables like carrot, onion, celery, and leek - used as a flavoring for stock, sauces or soups
How would you make a Mayonnaise? 1. Beat egg yolks, mustard and vinegar 2. Slowly add oil, beating constantly 3. Continue until mix is stiff 4. Adjust seasoning, flavor and acidity if needed 5. Store in a cool-room or fridge
What is the structure of an egg? Shell Yolk Inner and Outer Membrane Albumen (White)
Cooking time for a Beef Stock? 6-8hrs
Cooking time for a Chicken Stock? 3-4hrs
Cooking time for a Fish Stock? 20min
Cooking time for a Game Stock? 8hrs
Cooking time for a Vegetable Stock? 1-2hrs
What is Tabouleh? - Cold salad - Made with parsley, onion, tomato, soaked boughul, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice
What are some safety and hygiene practices? 1. Clean and sanitize work area's 2. Wash hands thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination 3. Make sure that any equipment and utensils are clean and sharp 4. Use correct colored chopping boards 5. Ensure food items are handled and stored correctly
What is the forecasting method? This method is looking at aids such as a SRC (Standard Recipe Card) to predict the quantity of goods required for a function
What are some ingredients used for stocks? Meat bones, Mirepoix, Bouquet Garni, Peppercorns
What is the French for a White Beef Stock? Fonds Blanc
Classification of Green Vegetables? 1. Leaves 2. Stems 3. Flowers 4. Fruits 5. Legumes
Three examples of a Cold (Froid) Appetiser? 1. Oysters 2. Crudités 3. Smoked Salmon
Qualities of a Good Stock - Fat Free - Good Aroma - Full Bodied - Clarified - Consistency - Good Flavor
How do you clarify a stock? Make a raft (egg whites, mince and mirepoix) and slowly boil. Make a small hole and once the stock is clear take off heat, skim raft and stain
What is the French name for Fish Stock? Fonds de Poisson
Define "Specifications" Details of food items giving descriptions
What is the holding temp for Stocks, Sauces and Soups? 21 - 60 degrees
Name the Root Vegetables 1. Root 2. Bulbs 3. Tubers
What does "Farinaceous" Mean? It is the term used for foods with a high starch content (eg. Flour, pasta, rice, pulses and potatoes)
What are Hors D'oeuvres? - Means "Outside the Work" - Is used to start a multiple course meal to stimulate a persons appetite
What is a Compound Salad? A compound salad is a mixture of raw and cooked ingredients bound together by a dressing
Name four Salad Dressings 1. Vinaigrette 2. Mayonnaise 3. Yogurt 4. Flavoured Oils
What are the Principles of Salad Preparation? - Color and Texture - Flavor - Composition - Portion Control - Wastage Control
Why can't a salad be used twice? - Dressing will make it soggy - Vegetables may wilt - Could enter the food danger zone
What garnishes are suitable for an appetiser? - Capers - Black/Green Olives - Capsicum - Piped Butter - Piped Cream Cheese - Cherry Tomatoes - So on, so forth
How do you Store Mayonnaise? Sealed or cover the Mayo, then date, label and place into a cool-room or fridge (1-4 degrees)
What are dressings? Dressings are used to combine ingredients, add flavor, lubricate salad and aid digestion
What are some of the nutrients in vegetables? They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals but are very sensitive to heat
What are some Vegetable Storage Temps? Most vegetables are stored between 1-4 degrees. But some vegetables such as potatoes, beans and tomatoes should be stored between 7-15 degrees
When checking stock, what are you checking for? - Incorrect entry of data during delivery and dispatch - Damage to stock - Theft of items - Deterioration of stock - Items outside of expiry date
What is the purpose of an appetiser? The purpose is to start a multiple course meal as well as to stimulate a person's appetite
What is the formula for cooked weight (Standard Yield Test) Prepared weight - cooked weight = loss of cooking weight
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