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トフル あかい 20

initiate to introduce into the knowledge of some art or subject. He was concerned with the load fuel in his forest and decided to thin it out before initiating the burn.
inject to force or shoot in, such as a liquid The venom of a rattlesnake is injected through fangs which fold back when the mouth is closed.
injurious causing harm or injury In some cases, aggressive and/or self- injurious behavior may be present.
lateral of, at, toward, or from the side or sides from the lateral view you can see how thick the wall really is
latitude freedom of action or choice We weren't given much latitude in deciding how to do the job.
launch to go about the initial step of doing something Although several successful mining ventures were launched, much of the hype was bogus.
laurel honor or distinction After his triumphant victory, the military commander recovered his laurels.
lava matter flowing from a volcano that solidifies as it cools Hawaii’s volcanoes are typically characterized by the relatively quiet outflow of very fluid lava and by sometimes spectacular lava fountains.
morale mental attitudes of a person, especially with regards to confidence and discipline It is important to have high morale in a company so that productivity remains high.
morpheme the smallest meaningful unit of speech A word may contain more than one morpheme, as in antiestablishment, in which there are three morphemes.
mortality the condition of being mortal; especially the nature of man, as having the nature to die Of 14 studies on the mortality of firefighters, 11 found excess risk for brain cancer.
municipal belonging to a city
mushroom to well up and spread out laterally from a central source As the Earth’s population continues to mushroom, can ways be found to manage natural resources without causing ecological collapse?
natal of or connected with one’s birth
negotiate to come to an agreement about The customer wanted to negotiate over/about the price.
neurologiccal relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system
nocturnal of or occurring the night Many rattlesnakes are nocturnal, but they can also be seen during the daytime.
nuptial of or relating to marriage or the marriage ceremony; characteristic of or occurring in the breeding season
inherit to receive property from one who has died; to receive genetic characteristics from a parent Another theory is the belief that these disorders can be inherited through family genes.
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