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Progressive Movement


What was the name of the 20th century social and political reform movement, which occurred on every level of government in the United States? Progressive Movement
What were 3 causes of the Progressive Movement? 1) Excesses of the Gilded Age 2) Poor working conditions of American labor (workers) 3) Low standard of living of American labor
What did the Progressives believe should solve the problems created by industrialization? The Government
What were 3 main goals of the Progressives? 1) Government controlled by the people instead of by big business and special interests 2) Economic opportunity for all Americans 3) Eliminate social injustices
How did the Progressives hope to guarantee all Americans economic opportunity? Through government regulation of business
What was the Gilded Age? A period in the late 1800s characterized by great wealth, corruption, and inequality
Who held almost all the great wealth created in America during the Gilded Age? A small upper class of businessmen and industrialists
What is another name for the Gilded Age? Age of the Robber Barons
Who were the Robber Barons? Members of the newly rich upper class who had extravagant lifestyles
Who were the Muckrakers? Progressive writers who wrote about social and political evils in late 19th and early 20th century America
Who were the 2 most famous Progressive presidents? 1) Theodore Roosevelt 2) Woodrow Wilson
Which Progressive president was known for offering the American people a "Square Deal"? Theodore Roosevelt
What Progressive president was known for the New Freedom? Woodrow Wilson
What was one Progressive accomplishment on the state level? Passed child labor laws
By what process may citizens vote to approve or reject a measure passed by a legislative body? Referendum
What process permits citizens to propose laws to their state or local governments? Initiative
By what process may citizens vote to remove government officials from office before they have finished their terms? Recall election
What reform did Progressives use to protect voters' privacy? The secret ballot
What does one call an election in which voters nominate a political party's candidates for office? Primary election
At what level of government were child labor laws an example of a Progressive reform? State government
What was the 17th Amendment? Direct election of United States senators
Who elected U.S. senators before ratification of the 17th Amendment? The state legislatures
What did the term "trust" mean during the late 19th and early 20th centuries? A business monopoly
What does the term monopoly mean? Absence of competition
What does anti-trust mean? Anti-monopoly
What did anti-trust laws try to do? Restore free competition to the American economy
What was the major weakness in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? The wording was too vague.
What was the major weakness in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? 1) Outlawed price-fixing 2) Exempted unions from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
In what 2 ways did Progressives try to make local governments less corrupt, more efficient, and more responsive to the people? 1) Commission form of city government 2) Council/Manager form of city government
What is another word for the right to vote? Suffrage
During what war did the women's suffrage movement first encourage American women to enter the labor force? World War I
Name a leader of the Women's Suffrage Movement. Susan B. Anthony
Which constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th
Created by: wzuger
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