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science-human body

Study for human body test November 6th

What is the skeleton? The hard inner frame work of bones inside an animal or human that provides shape support and protection.
What three functions does the skeleton provide? The skeleton provides movement, protection, support, and shape.
What do you notice on the lower arm of A skeleton with palm up, thumb out? The Radius and Ulna are straight.
What do you notice on the lower arm of a skeleton with palm down, thumb in? The Radius and Ulna are crisscrossed or twisted.
Where are the joints located in the human skeleton? The H.J s are located in your knees, fingers,toes, elbows.The G.J s are located in your neck, back bone or spine, fingers, toes, ankles, and wrists. your B-A-S-J are located in your shoulders and where your femur meets the pelvis.
What are the three main joints in the human skeleton? The three main joints are the hinge joint, the gliding joint, and the ball and socket joint.
Describe the movement of each joint in the human skeleton. The G.J is limited,but it moves a little bit up and down and left and right. The H.J can only move up and down.The B-A-S-J can move up and down, left and right, and in a full rotation.
What happens to your muscles when you flex your arm? When you flex your arm, the bicep contracts and the tricep extends and relaxes.
What is a stimulus? A stimulus is something that triggers (starts) an action (response). Different stimuli include: hot and cold, pain, touch(itch , tickle, pressure), light, sound, smell, taste.
What are muscles? Muscles are bundles of tissue in an animal or human that can contract, producing movement. When you flex or contract your arm your biceps contract and your triceps extends and relaxes.
How do bones connect? Bones connect by cartilage, joints, and ligaments.
What is a response? A response is the action that results from a stimulus. Response time is the length of time it takes for a person to respond to a stimulus.
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