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HIS 2, French Rev

The French Revolution for HIS 102 exam

Louis XIV (Legacy) Father of XVI who added to national debt by paying for wars
Louis XV (Legacy) Grandfather of XVI who added to the national debt by paying for wars
Louis XVI Was left w/ a national debt and then added to it. And was also forced to give in to the demands of the Parliament of Paris and convene the Estates-General which initiated the French Revolution.
Old Regime Monarchy Rules?
Estates General An assembly convened by Louis XVI in 1789 that represented the clergy, the nobility, and the Third Estate; once used to win support for royal policy, it had not met since 1614.
Turgot A PERSON?
Bastille A fortress prison seized on 7-14-1789, by Parisians looking for munitions to repulse the royal army. Symbolized the Revolution’s popular support.
National Assembly The Third Estate after it separated from the Estates-General. The National Assembly claimed to legitimately represent the French population. Dissolved in 1791 so new elections could take after the new constitution.
Tennis Court Oath Oath sworn by the National Assembly. After being locked out of the meeting of the Estates-General. They met at a tennis court, where they pledged to remain together until they had drafted and passed a new constitution
Legislative Assembly ???
Sans-culottes Parisian militants, mainly artisans and shopkeepers, who called for repression of counter revolutionaries, price controls, and direct democracy; helped bring the Jacobins to power in 1793.
Civil Constitution of the Clergy The French Rev.’s 1790’s reform of the catholic church under which priests and bishops were elected by the laity, and parishes and dioceses were redrawn; created opposition to the Revolution and a schism within French Catholicism.
Constitutions of the French Revolution (1791-1793) New constitution that created a limited monarchy, w/ all executive power givin to a legislative assembly. King could only temporarily veto legislation passed by the assembly. Abolished nobility as a class status
National Convention
Committee of Public Safety
Battle of Valmy
Reign of Terror
Girondins, Jacobins
Maximilien Robespierre THURSDAY
Georges Danton
Moderate Phase (1789-1792)
Radical Phase (1792-1794)
Created by: Tain45