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Provincial France

Food questions about provincial France

Le Trou Normand (Normand hole drink Calvados) Normandy
Dieppoise (addition of mussels) Normandy
Fete a Cochon (Feast of the pig slaughter) Normandy
A la Normande (addition of cream) Normandy
Graisse Normande (Cooking w/ pork & kidney fat, vegetable & herb essence, salt, pepper) Normandy
Confiture de lait (caramel sauce) Normandy
Culinary profile: Seafood Dairy Apples Normandy
Pres Sales (salt marsh sheep) Normandy
Andouille (Tripe sausage) Normandy
Demoiselles De Cherbourg (lobster) Normandy
Crevettes Gris (shrimp) Normandy
Caieu (Giant Mussel) Normandy
Poularde (clam) Normandy
Homard (lobster) Normandy
Camembert Normandy
Livarot Normandy
Pont L'Eveque Normandy
Neutchatel Normandy
Sole Normande (poached sole, mussels, shrimp, mushrooms, cream) Normandy
Matelote a la Normand (fish stew, cider, butter, cream) Normandy
Poulet Vallee D'Auge (roasted chicken, cream, calvados) Normandy
Canard alla Rouennaise (rare duck breast, liver, shallots, red wine) Normandy
Omelette de la Mere Poularde (cream, butter) Normandy
Omelette a la Normand (apples, cream, calvados) Normandy
Tripe a la mode Caen (Tripe Stew) Normandy
Benedictine (Herbal liqueur) Normandy
Calvados (apple brandy) Normandy
Pommeau (grape juice and calvados) Normandy
Cider (sweet, dry, sparkling) Normandy
Culinary Profile: Sea Dairy Produce Brittany
a la brettone (with white beans - whole or puree) Brittany
Guerande Salt (sea salt) Brittany
Crepes (buckwheat or wheat. Sweet or savory.) Brittany
Oyster (Huitres - Belon & Portugaise) Brittany
Salted Butter Brittany
Le Floron (wheat, rye & buckwheat bread) Brittany
Homard a I' Americaine (lobster, tomatoes, onion, shallots, garlic, parsley) Brittany
Cotriade (white fish, potato, onion stew) Brittany
Gateau Breton (butter cake filled with preserves) Brittany
Kouign Amann (bread, butter, sugar cake) Brittany
Culinary Profile: "Garden of France" Touraine
Charcuterie (refers to all types of meat products) Touraine
Boudin Blanc (Breast of chicken sausage) Touraine
Vinagraie de Vin D'Orleans (white vinegar) Touraine
Cerneaux au Verjus (green walnuts steeped in green grape juice and chervil) Touraine
Chou Vert (green cabbage) Touraine
Gros Damas (plums) Touraine
Vineuil (white asparagus) Touraine
Belles de Louvre (green asparagus) Touraine
Anjou Pear Touraine
Chasselas (table grapes) Touraine
Champignon de Paris (white mushroom) Touraine
Andouillette (Tripe sausage) Touraine
Gudgeon (tiny whole fish) Touraine
Chevre (AOC goat cheese) Touraine
Cabichou (Poitu goat cheese) Touraine
Coq au Vin (Chicken in Chinon Red wine, mushrooms, bacon and pearl onion) Touraine
Sang de Poulet Aux Oignons (chicken fricasse with blood and onion) Touraine
Jambon de Volaille (Stuffed boneless chicken leg, cooked in wine, served cold) Touraine
Beurre Blanc (emulsified butter sauce made with acid shallot reduction) Touraine
Rillettes (Shredded braised pork, served cold) Touraine
Fricassee (White meat, salted, floured, sauteed, but not browned) Touraine
Matelote a la Tourangelle (Eel stew, onions, butter, Marc, Chinon wine) Touraine
Friture (fried Gudgeon) Touraine
Chaudree (Fish stew with white wine onions, butter, garlic, spices) Touraine
Potee a la Tete de Porc (Pigs head cut with seas salt and vinegar) Touraine
Fressure Vendeen (braised pork lungs, liver, spleen and blood, served cold) Touraine
Tarte Tatin (inverted apple tart) Touraine
Pithiviers (puff pastry) Touraine
Cremets (cream cheese with sugar) Touraine
Macarons (Meringue cookie) Touraine
Pralines (nut and caramel powder) Touraine
Torteau Frommage (Goat cheese cake) Touraine
Culinary Profile: Mustard Beef Wine Cream Burgundy
Dijon Mustard (ancient condiment) Burgundy
Morvan Ham (air dried ham) Burgundy
Meurette (staple spicy red wine sauce thickened with butter and flour) Burgundy
Saupiquet (Staple white wine cream sauce seasoned with herbs, garlic, shallots, vinegar and juniper) Burgundy
Sauce Nantua (crayfish bechamel) Burgundy
a la bourguignonne (with pearl onions, mushrooms, bacon, red wine) Burgundy
a la lyonaisse (with onions) Burgundy
a la dijonaisse (with mustard) Burgundy
Vichy water (mineral water) Burgundy
Mousseron (brown gold mushroom) Burgundy
Charollais Beef Burgundy
Poulet de Bresse (chicken) Burgundy
Ecrevisse (fresh water crayfish) Burgundy
Chaource (round whole cow's) Burgundy
Citeaux (Yellow-red rind) Burgundy
Saint Florentin (White cow's) Burgundy
Epoisse (Yellow-orange cow's) Burgundy
Morbier Pressed cow's) Burgundy
Vacherin (Creamy cow's) Burgundy
Comte (Fruity cow's) Burgundy
Canciollotte (Skimmed cow's) Burgundy
Escargots de Bourgogne (snails with shallots, garlic, parsley, butter, salt and pepper) Burgundy
Cuisse de Grenouilles (frogs legs) Burgundy
Boeuf a la Bourguignonne (Beef cooked in red wine, pearl onions, mushroom & bacon) Burgundy
Pauchouse (Fish stew made with white wine, onions, garlic, cream) Burgundy
Jambon persille (Terrine of ham with white wine parsley jelly) Burgundy
Oeufs a la Dijonaise (hard cooked deviled-like egg with mustard, cream, shallots, herbs, vinegar) Burgundy
Pommes de terre (Fried boiled potatoes combined with fried onions) Burgundy
Quennelles (poached fish dumplings) Burgundy
Creme de Cassis (black currant brandy) Burgundy
Kir (White wine and Crème de Cassis) Burgundy
Marc de Bourgogne (grape brandy) Burgundy
Ratafia (Marc and grape juice) Burgundy
Pain D'Epices (Honey spiced bread) Burgundy
Pets de nonne (Beignets) Burgundy
Gougere (Choux paste with Gruyere) Burgundy
Anis de Flavigny (Tiny egg shaped anise candy) Burgundy
Rigodon (Fruit and walnut custard) Burgundy
Cassissines (Currant flavored sweets) Burgundy
Maitfaim (cross between cake and a crepe) Burgundy
Galette (lemony flat bread) Burgundy
Culinary Profile: Foie Gras, Truffles, Confit, Cepes, Walnuts Bordeaux (SW1)
Foie Gras (fattened goose liver) Bordeaux (SW1)
Black Truffles (Perigord) Bordeaux (SW1)
Cepes (mushrooms) Bordeaux (SW1)
Black walnuts Bordeaux (SW1)
Confit (herbed and spiced pork, game, bird, rabbit braised in fat and stored) Bordeaux (SW1)
a la Bordelaise (Bordeaux with shallots, Mirepoix and white wine, add cepes, garnish potato artichokes) Bordeaux (SW1)
Gavage (forced feeding of goose) Bordeaux (SW1)
Ortolans (tiny bird) Bordeaux (SW1)
Agneau de Pauillac (lamb) Bordeaux (SW1)
Lamproie (eel) Bordeaux (SW1)
Cabecou (goat cheese) Bordeaux (SW1)
Faire Chabrol (add a glass of red wine to last of a soup dish) Bordeaux (SW1)
Mouclade (mussels cooked in cread, white wine, shallots added egg yolks) Bordeaux (SW1)
Pourriture Noble (rotting of grapes on vine for sauternes) Bordeaux (SW1)
Cognac (twice distilled blended grape brandy) Bordeaux (SW1)
Charentes (grape juice and cognac) Bordeaux (SW1)
Culinary Profile: Peppers and Sea (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Cassoulet (White bean dish with meats added) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Piment d 'Espelette (native pepper to France) pepper (Basque), (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Bayonne Ham (cured salted ham) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Loulinka (garlic sausage) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Sauce Bernaise (small Hollandaise with tarragon) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
a la Languedocienne (garnish of tomatoes, eggplant and cepes) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Aillade (aioli) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Brandade (emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, cream and garlic) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Agen Prunes (glazed prunes filled with plum cream, armagnac and vanilla) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Roquefort (blue cheese) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Piperade (Tomatoes, Onion, green and red Chiles and egg) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Poule au pot (Stuffed boiled chicken) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Garbure (vegetable stew with bacon, ham or confit) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Broyo (Cornmeal mush similar to polenta) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Beurre de Gascogne (Goose or duck fat mixed with garlic) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Ttoro (Fish stew made with fish, mussels, garlic, tomatoes and peppers) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Chipirones (Cooked squid) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Ouliat (onion, garlic and egg yolk soup) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Cousinette (chickory, chard, sorrel and leek soup) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Estouffat (red wine and armagnac marinated beef, ham and chocolate) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Tripotchka (Blood pudding made with veal, paprika, nutmeg and parsley) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Tielles (Little pies filled with mussels, squid and anchovey) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Omlette Gascogne (Omlette with diced ham, goose fat, garlic and parsley) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Palombe (Wild dove cooked in paper boxes) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Armagnac (once distilled single grape brandy) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Floc de Gascogne (wine and armagnac) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Perrier (mineral water) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Pastiza (round butter cake, with cherries and cream) (Guyerre, Bearn, Languedoc, Basque - SW2)
Culinary Profile: Olives,Olive Oil,Garlic,Tomatoes Provence
Truffles of Provence Provence
a la provencale (with tomato and garlic) Provence
Sauce a la Provencale (chopped onions, garlic and tomatoes cooked in olive oil) Provence
Herbs de Provence (combination of 3 or 4 herbs, thyme, rosemary, plus) Provence
Barigoule (mushroom) Provence
Mesclun (9 kinds of lettuce) Provence
Blette (Swiss Chard) Provence
Melon de Cavaillon (cantaloupe) Provence
Rouille (hot pepper sauce served with bouillabaise) Provence
Aioli (butter of provence, mayonaisse with minced garlic) Provence
Ratatouille (stewed eggplant, zucchini, onions, peppeers tomatoes, garlic and olive oil) Provence
Bouillabaise (saffron flavored fish stew, rascasse fish, served woth rouille) Provence
Grand Aioli (meal time for fasting; aioli surrounded by dried cod, periwinkles, olives, lamb) Provence
Bourride (Fish and vegetable stew served with Aioli) Provence
Anchoiade (mashed salted anchovies, garlic and olive oil) Provence
Bagna Cauda (Raw vegetables dipped in hot anchovey sauce) Provence
Tapenade (Mixture of preserved black olives, with garlic, olive oil, anchovy and capers) Provence
Soupe au Pistou (vegetable soup with basil, pesto, gruyere) Provence
Salad Nicoise (Composed salad of tomatoes, lettuce, hard cooked eggs, ) Provence
Pan Bagnat (Soaked bread with oil oil, stuffed with anchovy, onion, black olives) Provence
Pied-Paquets (stuffed sheeps feet with tripe) Provence
Pissaladiere (Pizza pie with onions, gruyere, olives anchovies) Provence
Socca (Chick pea flour pancake) Provence
Fleur de Courgette (zucchini flower, stuffed, battered and fried) Provence
A la Barigoule (artichoke hearts stuffed with mushroom, sausage, bacon) Provence
Pastis (anise flavored liquer) Provence
Nougat (Almond honey candy) Provence
Berlingot (hard candies from fruit syrup) Provence
Calissons d'Aix (Sugar coated diamond shaped candy) Provence
Culinary Profile: None Savoy - Dauphiny
Tete de Moine (mushroom) Savoy - Dauphiny
Fiaise des Bois (strawberries) Savoy - Dauphiny
Noix (walnuts) Savoy - Dauphiny
Marrons (chestnuts) Savoy - Dauphiny
a la dauphinoise (with potatoes) Savoy - Dauphiny
a la savoyarde (with potatoes) Savoy - Dauphiny
gratin (designates a crust) Savoy - Dauphiny
Cardoon (artichoke like vegetable) Savoy - Dauphiny
Miel (honey) Savoy - Dauphiny
a la grenobloise (Garnish of noisette butter with capers) Savoy - Dauphiny
a la limousin (garnish of cabbage braise with chestnuts) Savoy - Dauphiny
Le Puy (lentils) Savoy - Dauphiny
Limousin Cattle Savoy - Dauphiny
omble chevalier (artic char) Savoy - Dauphiny
Grives (little bird that tastes of juniper) Savoy - Dauphiny
Reblochon Uncooked pressed cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
Tomme de Savoie (Large round cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
Cantel (Very large cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
St Necrtaire (Small round soft cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
Blue D'Auvergne (Roquefort like cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
Fourme D'ambert (Tall, cylyndrical blue cow's) Savoy - Dauphiny
Pommes de Terre Dauphinoise (thinly sliced potatoes mixed with milk, nutmeg, beaten egg) Savoy - Dauphiny
Pommes de Terre Savoryarde (thinly sliced potatoes mixed with stock, nutmeg, beaten egg) Savoy - Dauphiny
Omelette a la Savoyarde (sliced potatoes fried in butter with gruyere) Savoy - Dauphiny
Farcon (sweetened white potato baked in an oven) Savoy - Dauphiny
Lievre a la royale (Hare stuffed with liver, heart, lungs, goose foie gras, pork fat, bread crumbs) Savoy - Dauphiny
Soup au choux (cabbage soup) Savoy - Dauphiny
Tripoux (tripe stuffed sheep feet) Savoy - Dauphiny
Tourte a la viande (chopped pork and veal in pastry) Savoy - Dauphiny
Oeufs a l'auvergnate (poached egg served on cabbage cooked in lard) Savoy - Dauphiny
Potee (cabbage soup with pork meat, turnips, leeks, potatoes) Savoy - Dauphiny
Truffado (potatoes fried in lard season with garlic and cheese) Savoy - Dauphiny
Algot (mashed potatoes, garlic and cheese) Savoy - Dauphiny
Chartreuse (Herb liqueur) Savoy - Dauphiny
Kirsh (Cherry Brandy) Savoy - Dauphiny
Evian (mineral water) Savoy - Dauphiny
pogne (a pastry with eitehr fruit or squash) Savoy - Dauphiny
Biscuit de Savoy (separates sponge cake) Savoy - Dauphiny
Clafouti (cherry tart) Savoy - Dauphiny
Crottin de Chavignol (Round) Touraine
Le Pouligny St. Pierre (Pyramid) Touraine
Le Selles Sur Cher (Cone) Touraine
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