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Drug Abuse #1

Definition of Drugs a chemical substance that alters how the mind and body work,except food
Eight Drug Substances powder, liquid, solid, gel, paste, cream, gas, and capsules
Four Ways to Ingest Drugs injected (3-10 sec), inhaled (3-10 sec), orally (20 min), and rubbed on to/absorbed through skin (time varies)
Abuse the wrongful use of a substance (wanting a desired effect)
Misuse the improper use of a substance (not following directions)
Stereotyping an oversimplified mental picture of someone held by many people (making a judgement without facts)
Putdown a humiliating or disapproving action or remark
Affirmation a positive statement or act given after a mistake has been made
Friend someone you know well, spend time around, and share personal information with
Associate a person who you have a developing relationship with (you share some information but nothing important)
Acquaintance soemone you know very slightly (you don't even share information with this person)
Six Steps for Making Friends 1.Relax 2.Make Eye Contact and Say Hi 3.Break the Ice 4.Auggest an Activity 5.Do Activity Together 6.Make Plans for Future Activity
What is Breaking the Ice? -Introduce Yourself -Ask a Question -Make a Joke -Talk About Something You Might have in Common -Compliment the Other Person
Things You Can Do when your Friend Says No -Suggest another activity -Wait and try again later -Look around for another person to be with
Ways to Make a Conversation Go Smoother -Start talking about your likes, dislikes, and accomplishments -Listen to the other person and give follow-up questions -Show the other person that you enjoy talking with them (give compliments)
Created by: crochetfrk818