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U.S. Presidents

Remembered as great because he set precedents for future leaders George Washington
had XYZ Affair and Alien and Sedition Acts John Adams
Louisiana Purchase President Thomas Jefferson
War of 1812 President James Madison
led nation during "Era of Good Feeling" James Monroe
won "corrupt bargain" election of 1824 John Quincy Adams
responsible for Trail of Tears and destroying national bank Andrew Jackson
dealt with economic ruins of Jackson Martin Van Buren
slogan was "Tippecanoe and Tyler too"; died after giving a long inauguration speech in the cold William Henry Harrison
vetoed two national bank laws; we annexed Texas while he was President John Tyler
believed in Manifest Destiny; Mexican War President James K Polk
Mexican War hero; some believed he died of poisoning Zachary Taylor
signed Compromise of 1850 into law Millard Filmore
son died in trainwreck; KS-NE Act was a mess while he was in office Franklin Pierce
worst President? let South leave before Civil War James Buchanan
guided nation through Civil War; often ranked #1 Abraham Lincoln
dealt with Reconstruction after Civil War; impeached by Radical Republicans Andrew Johnson
hero of Civil War; surrounded himself with friends and led to scandals Ulysses S. Grant
won election of 1876/ Compromise 1877. Democrats got end of Reconstruction and Republicans got Presidency Rutherford B. Hayes
shot in 1881 in back; medical treatment may have caused his death James Garfield
"party animal"; Republicans denied him re-nomination in 1884 Chester Arthur
admitted to having illegitimate child before election; vetoed Civil War pensions for veterans Grover Cleveland (1st term)
tariff issue doomed Presidency; grandson of "Old Tippecanoe" Benjamin Harrison
only President to have non-consecutive terms in office when he returned in 1892 Grover Cleveland (2nd term)
led nation during Spanish-American War; shot and killed in 1901 William McKinley
leader of the Rough Riders; father of national parks system; the trust buster Teddy Roosvelt
only President to later be a supreme court justice William Howard Taft
led nation during WWI; had stroke promoting League of Nations Woodrow Wilson
"joke" President because of Teapot Dome scandal Warren G. Harding
"silent" leader; installed mechanical horse in White House Calvin Coolidge
Great Depression killed his Presidency Herbert Hoover
guided nation out of Great Depression; helped defeat Nazis in WWII Franklin D. Roosevelt
dropped atomic bombs on Japan to end WWII; left Presidency very unpopular Harry Truman
WWII hero who led during prosperous times Dwight Eisenhower
"King of Camelot"; assassinated in Dallas on 11/22/63 John F. Kennedy
remembered for Vietnam War and Civil Rights efforts Lyndon Johnson
Watergate scandal defined his Presidency; only President to resign from office Richard Nixon
only person to not be elected to Presidency or Vice-Presidency Gerald Ford
remembered for Camp David Accords and Iran hostage mess Jimmy Carter
remembered for economic program sharing his name; Iran-Contra scandal was a mess Ronald Reagan
President during Desert Storm war; economy took a turn for the worse costing him re-election George H.W. Bush (father)
Southern charm got him elected; affiar with intern got him impeached Bill Clinton
9/11 and economic crisis happened during his terms George W. Bush (son)
1st African-American President; issues with economy and Osama Bin Laden will define his legacy Barack Obama
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