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chapter 5


functions of cardio vascular system distribute blood to all areas of the body,deliver needed substences to cells,remove waste
Organs of the cardiovascular system Heart, Arteries, Capillaries & Veins
Angi/o vessel
aort/0 aorta
arteri/o artery
ather/o fatty substence
atri/o atrium
cardi/o heart
coron/o heart
hemangi/o blood vessel
phleb/o vein
sphygm/o pulse
steth/o chest
thromb/o clot
valv/o valve
valvul/o valve
vascul/o blood vessel
vas/o vessel,duct
ven/o vein
ventricul/o ventricle
manometer insrument used to measure pressure
-ole small
-tension pressure
-ule small
circulatory system maintains blood flow throughout body,delivers oxygen and nutrients like glucose and amino acids to cells,picks up carbon dioxide and other waste products from cells and delivers to lungs,liver,and kidneys for elimination.
circulatory system is composed of.. heart, and blood vessels (capillaries, arteries,and veins)
systemic circulation does what? carries oxygenated blood from the left side of heart to the body, also carries deoxygenated blood from body to the right side of the heart.
Pulmonary circulation does what? carries deoxygenated blood from the right side of heart to the lungs,carried oxygenated blood from lungs to the left side of heart
Average BPM in the heart 60-100 BPM or 100,000 a day
each time the muscle contracts what occurs? blood is ejected from the heart and oushed throughout body within blood vessels
where is the heart located? in the mediastinum, more to left side of chest, directly behind sternum.
what size is the heart? about the size of a fist
the apex is? lower edge tip of the heart
the endocardium is the? inner layer of heart, and lines heart chambers
the myocardium is the? middle layer of the heart,thick muscle that contracts heart for pressure to pump blood through blood vessels.
the epicardium is the? outer layer of the heart. Forms the visceral layer of pericardial sac.
how many chambers are in the heart? and what are they called there are 4 chambers, (2)Atria & (2)Ventricles
Septum wall that divides the heart into the right and left side.
how many valves are in the heart and what are they called? there are (4) valves- Tricuspid,pumonary,aortic,mitral
what type of valve is the tricuspid valve? artioventricular valve, found between right atrium and ventricle
what type of valve is the pulmonary valve? semilunar valve, found between right ventricle and pulmonary artery
what type of valve is the mitral valve? Artioventricular vavle, found between the left atrium and ventricle
what type of valve is the aortic valve? Semilunar vavle found between the left ventricle and the aorta
when the heart is in relaxation phase it is called? diastole
when the heart is in contraction phase it is called ? systole
heart chambers alternate between 2 phases which do what? relaxed they fill up heart with blood, and contracting the push blood forward
which system controls heart rate autonomic nervous system.
which vessel carries blood away form the heart? arteries
the connecting unit between the veins and arteries are the? capillaries
which vessels bring blood toward the heart Veins
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