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AF Recruiter

Monthly Income (Money) - Base Pay - Rent Money - Food Money
Pay Increases (Money) - Annual Cost of Living - Promotion Increase - Seniority Increase
Other Money Saving Entitlements (Money) - Medical & Dental care - Retirement Plan - Low Cost Life Insurance - VA Home Loans - Base Exchange - Commissary - Clothing Replacement Allowance - Low Cost Recreation Facilities
Airmen Tier (Advancement) - AB to SrA promotions - Promotions based on commanders recommendations - Solid foundation for AF career
NCO Tier (Advancement) - AF knowledge and experience will increase - Competitive promotions based on individual merit - Eligible for more PME
Senior NCO Tier (Advancement) - High leadership & responsibility roles - Continued PME - Title of "Top Three"
Permanent Change of Duty Station (Travel) - Bases in the U.S. and overseas - Authorized expenses paid by the USAF - AFB are comparable to small cities
Temporary Duty (Travel) - All Travel Expenses are paid by AF - Opportunity to work and learn outside office - Similar to civilian business travel
Information, Tickets & Travel (Travel) - Discounts on cruises and resorts all around world - Discount tickets for nearby theme parks, sporting events & concerts - Low cost organized trips.
Help Our People Save (Travel) - Space Available Travel on AF planes - Free travel in US and overseas - Civilian business discounts
Basic Military Training (Training) - 7 1/2 weeks of training - Purpose of BMT is to transition --Provides foundation for AF --Instills independence and confidence
Technical Training (Training) - Similar to VO-Tech schools but free - Provided to all BMT graduates --Varies from 4 wks to 52 wks --AF technical training is college accredited --Offers over 150 different jobs
Upgrade Training (Training) - Everyone gets OJT on all AFSC - Progression from apprentice to journeymen to craftsmen --Formal and informal methods of training --Refresher courses and in-service training available
Community College of the Air Force (Education) - Enrollment is automatic upon completion of BMT - Accredited thru Commission of Southern Association of colleges and schools - Awards Associate of Applied Science Degree - All Technical training is accredited - Free transcripts
Tuition Assistance Program (Education) - Up to 100% tuition paid - Free CLEP and DANTES --Traditional and non- traditional methods of attendance
Montgomery GI Bill (Education) - Airmen contribute $100 a month for 1st 12 months - GI Bill can be used up to 10 yrs after separation - Amount of entitlement increases annually; currently at $51,300. - A pay roll deduction program used with or independently of the TAP - "Top Up"
Post 9/11 GI Bill (Education) - No contributions required to use up to $80K - Can be used up to 15yrs after seperation - Can Be transferred to dependents
College Loan Repayment Program (Education) - AF will pay up to $10,000 in prior service loans - Loans can be deferred up to 4 yrs
Professional Military Education (Education) - Exclusive to AF members - Focused on management and leadership - PME is college accredited
Commissioning Program (Education) - Airmen Education and Commissioning Program - Leaders Encouraging Airmen Development - Scholarship Outstanding Airmen to ROTC
Physical Recreation (Recreation) - Most team sports are available - Fitness centers comparable to health clubs - Offers group classes for free or minimum fees
Social Recreation (Recreation) - Dinner and dancing clubs - Movie theaters, bowling alleys & golf courses - Dining in/out, picnics & Christmas parties
Skills Development Centers (Recreation) - Offers many hobbies - Low cost rentals, parts & supplies - Qualified on-site instructors
Outdoor Recreation (Recreation) - Reduced Rate recreation areas owned or leased by AF - Quality equipment rentals at low cost - Facilities: pools, stables, storage & re-sale lots Equipment rentals at low cost
Time for Recreation (Recreation) - Average 40-45 hours work week - 30 day of vacation with pay per yr - 3-day weekends - Day passes
Responsibility (Satisfaction) - Responsibility to yourself - Responsibility to your co-workers and job - Responsibility to your country
Recognition (Satisfaction) - Promotions - Awards - Decorations - Wear of the uniform
Belonging (Satisfaction) - Involvement in sport activities - Memberships in clubs - Members of distinctive units and organizations
Service to Country (Satisfaction) - Challenge - Tradition - Patriotism
Job Security (Security) - Guaranteed 4 yrs - Guaranteed job means guaranteed income - No strikes or layoffs
Medical Care (Security) - Free medical and dental care - Free or low cost medical/dental for family
Retirement Plan (Security) - Eligible after just 20 yrs of service - Non- contributory plan that pay 50-75% of base pay for life - Benefits begin immediately after retirement
Thrift savings plan (Security) - 401(K) like savings plan - Allows members to contribute pre-tax dollars - Contributions are made simple through payroll deductions
What does MATTERSS stand for? - Money - Advancement - Travel - Training - Education - Recreation - Satisfaction - Security
What are the Money sub-entitlements? Monthly income - pay increases - other money saving entitlements.
What are the Advancement sub-entitlements? Airman tier - NCO tier - senior NCO tier
What are the Travel sub-entitlements? Permanent change of duty station - temporary duty - information, tickets & travel - Help Our People Save.
What are the Training sub-entitlements? - basic military training - technical training - upgrade training
What are the Education sub-entitlements? - Community College of the Air Force - tuition assistance program - Montgomery GI Bill - post 911 GI Bill - college loan repayment program - professional military education - commissioning program.
What are the Recreation sub-entitlements? - physical recreation - social recreation - skills development centers - outdoor recreation - time for recreation.
What are the Satisfaction sub-entitlements? - responsibility - recognition - belonging - Service to country.
What are the Security sub-entitlements? - job security - medical care - retirement plan - Thrift Savings Plan.
Created by: starwinman
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