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LOM Book Chapter 2

Language of Medicine - Flash Cards - From MTatHome.com

Combining Form for: adip/o fat
Combining Form for: bol/o to cast (throw)
Combining Form for: chrom/o color
Combining Form for: kary/o nucleus
Combining Form for: medi/o middle
Combining Form for: sacr/o sacrum
Combining Form for: thorac/o chest
Combining Form for: ventr/o bellyside of the body, abdomen
Combining Form for: viscer/o internal organs
What is the prefix meaning for: ana- up
What is the prefix meaning for: cata- down
What is the prefix meaning for: epi- above
What is the prefix meaning for: hypo- below
What is the prefix meaning for: inter- between
What is the prefix meaning for: meta- change
What is the suffix meaning for: -eal pertaining to
What is the suffix meaning for: -iac pertaining to
What is the suffix meaning for: -ior pertaining to
What is the suffix meaning for: -ism process, condition
What is the suffix meaning for:-ose pertaining to, full of
What is the suffix meaning for: -plasm formation
What is the suffix meaning for: -somes bodies
What is the suffix meaning for: -type picture, classification
abdomen Area of the body between the crest and pelvis region.
abdominal cavity Area of the body between the chest and pelvis (hip region).
adipose Pertaining to fat.
anabolism Process of building up or synthesizing substances (such as proteins) in a cell.
anterior Pertaining to the front of a structure.
cartilage Elastic, connective tissue found at joints, within the trachea and larynx, and connected to ribs, nose, and ear.
catabolism Cellular process of breaking down of a complex substance into simple compounds. Energy is released to do the work of the cell.
caudal Pertaining to the lower portion of an organ or structure.
cell membrane Thin and delicate structure surrounding a cell; allows materials to pass in and out.
cephalad Toward the head, or the upper portion of the body or a structure.
cervical Pertaining to the neck and the body or lower neck-line portion of the uterus.
chondroma Tumor (benign) of cartilage.
chondrosarcoma Malignant, cancerous tumor of cartilage.
coccygeal Pertaining to the tailbone or coccyx.
craniotomy Incision of the skull.
distal Pertaining to far from the beginning of a structure.
dorsal Pertaining to the back, or posterior portion of the body.
histology Study of tissues.
iliac Pertaining to the ilium, which is the right or left upper most portion of the hipbone.
intervertebral Pertaining to between the vertebrae (backbones).
karyotype Classification of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell determined by a photograph taken during cell division.
larynx The voice box.
lateral Pertaining to the side.
lumbosacral Pertaining to the lumbar and sacral regions of the back.
medial Pertaining to the middle or midline of the body.
nucleic Pertaining to the nucleus.
pelvic cavity Pertaining to the space surrounded by the bones of the hip region.
pharynx The throat.
pleura A delicate membrane surrounding each lung and divided into two layers.
pleural cavity Space between the layers of the pleura in the chest.
posterior Pertaining to the back or dorsal side of the body or structure.
proximal Pertaining to a location near the point of attachment or beginning of an organ.\
sacral Pertaining to the sacrum.
sarcoma Tumor of fleshy tissue such as bone, fat, muscle or cartilage.
superficial Pertaining to on the surface of the body.
thoracotomy Incision of the chest.
tracheal Pertaining to the trachea.
ureter One of two tubes carrying urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder.
urethra Tube leading from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body.
ventral Pertaining to the front or anterior of the body.
vertebral Pertaining to backbones.
viscera Internal organs.
visceral Pertaining to internal organs.
Created by: mtathome