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トフル あかい 18

acquisition the act of successfully coming into possession of something The museum has put its latest acquisitions on display.
actualize to make real or to put into effect Several years passed before any profits from the enterprise actualized
aesthetic showing good taste The basic aesthetics of television are not that different from those of movies.
apparatus something, as a machine, devised for a particular function The right exercise apparatuses help an athlete to increase muscular strength and endurance.
cardiovascular of the heart and the blood vessels as a unified body system About one of every two Americans dies of cardiovascular disease
cavalry combat troops mounted originally on horses but most often in motorized armored vehicles The cavalry were brought in to support the mission.
charm the power of quality or attracting He keeps a horseshoe as a good luck charm.
cluster a number of entities making up or considered a unit A small cluster of people had gathered at the scene of the accident.l
collide to come together or come up against with force Two football players collided with each other on the field.
embrace to encircle, to surround, or to enclose He embraced her warmly/lovingly/tenderly.
empirical based solely on experiment and observation rather than theory They collected plenty of empirical data/evidence from their experiments.
encase to cover something completely; to enclose something Ice encased the trees and power lines after the storm.
endanger to subject to danger or destruction The severe drought has endangered crops throughout the area.
generic of or relating to a whole group or class “Flu” is sometimes used as a generic term/name for any illness caused by a virus.
glacier a mass of land ice formed by an accumulation of snow on high ground
groaning making a deep sound expressing pain, grief, disappoint After the accident, there were groaning sounds, indicating that there was someone trapped underneath the vehicle.
immortality endless life after death Alchemists searched for an elixir that would produce immortality.
imperceptible so small as to be undiscernible These changes will be imperceptible to most people.
incentive something that causes and encourages a given response Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle.
inhabitant one who lives in a place for an extended period of time Moon is essentially devoid of water, so no underground supplies could be used by lunar inhabitants.
insomnia habitual sleeplessness People may suffer from insomnia because of extreme stress.
malfunction to work improperly due to mechanical difficulties A software problem is causing the system to malfunction.
mandate an authoritative indication to be obeyed They carried out the governor's mandate to build more roads.
manure solid waste from farm animals that is used to make soil better for growing plants fertilizers made from animal manures
massacre the savage killing of many victims The infamous massacre of more than 200 Sioux at Wounded Knee, South Dakota
menace regarded as a danger to someone or something Those dogs are a menace to the neighborhood.
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