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abdomen mock reg

What is used as a sonographic landmark in locating the gallbladder fossa? Lobar Fissure
What condition is the most common cause of acute pancreatitis? Biliary disease
Gerota fascia provides a protective covering around which of the following organs? Kidneys
Increased pressure withing the portosplenic venous system will most likely lead to ___? portal hypertension
Normal diameter of the main portal vein should not exceed: 1.3 cm
The integrity of _____ is evaluated with the Thompson test? Achilles tendon. *pointing toes while squeezing calf muscle
A small hyperechoic pancreas is identified on ultrasound, this is most suspicious for _____. Chronic pancreatitis
The pancreas is part of _____ system. Endocrine.
What is a sonographic finding of an echinococcal cyst? Septated cyst
A predisposing risk factor associated with the development of cholangiocarcinoma may include a history of _____. Ulcerative colitis
A synovial cyst located in the medial popliteal fossa describes a _____. Baker Cyst
Normal caliber of the superior mesenteric vein should not exceed____. 1.0 cm
A patient presents with a history of abdominal pain and lower-extremity edema. An ultrasound is requested to rule out Budd-Chiari syndrome. The sonographer should thoroughly evaluate what organs? Liver. *Thrombosis of Hepatic veins
What structures divide the left lobe into two segments? Left hepatic vein and the ligamentum of Teres
Cholecystokinin is stimulated after food reaches the ____. Duodenum
The gallbladder is located on the posterior surface of the liver and ____ Anterior to the right kidney
The pyloric canal is considered abnormal when the length exceds___? 17mm
A patient presents with a history of sevee back pain, weight loss, and painless jaundice. An abnormality
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