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Phlebotomy and Lab

Lecture Review Sheet Unit 3

What blood condition can a person develop as a result of having blood draws for a long period of time? iatrogenic
What can happen if you use a small needle with a large vacuum tube? A collapsed vein
What type of test would you do for someone that takes aspirin, ethanol or stretokinase? Bleeding Time Test
What is another name for heel bone? Calcaneus
What is another name for microcollection tubes? Bullets
What type of needle and location would you apply the tourniquet on the wrist? Winged Infusion Set and three inches up from the sight
How far should you go for a dermal puncture? 2.0mm
What dose lymphostasis mean? lymphostasis, or lack of lynph fluid movement
Why would cause a lab to reject a specimen? Clotted blood in an anticoagulated
Would a tube labeled with handwritten instead of computer- generated information a reason for specimen to be rejected? no
What can cause a collapsed vein? To much vacuum in a small vein
What is the appropriate age to use bandage for pediatrics? 2 years old and up
What is the best way to identify a newborn for collection? Check the newborn identification band
What percentage of blood should not be taken from an infant in a 24 hour period? 5%
Newborns have a higher proportion o RBC than who? Adults
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