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2nd 9wks SAT Vocab

SAT Vocab set # 1 (2nd 9wks)

term definition
dowry (n) money, goods, or estate that a woman brings into her marriage
erratic (ADJ)
chagrin (n) distress or disquitetude of mind caused by humiliated, disappointment, or failure
oblivious (ADJ) lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention... not aware
zealot (N) a zealous person, especially a fanatical partisan, person characterized by zeal (EXCITED)
verbose (ADJ) using or expressed in more words than are needed- very wordy
sundry (ADJ) of various kinds, several miscellaneous, various
rudimentary (ADJ) very imperfectly developed or represented only by a vestige, a primitive kind, consisting of first principles, fundamental
fastidious (ADJ) having high and often capricious standards, difficult to please, having complex nutritional requirements
presumptuous (ADJ) of a person of their behavior- failing to observe the limits to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate. overstepping due bonds
morose (ADJ) sullen and ill- tempered having a sullen and gloomy disposition
obstinate (ADJ) a stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempt one to persuade them to do so
pacifist(N) Strongly and actively opposed to conflict and war
wane (V) to fall gradually from power, prosperity, or influence
inherent (ADJ) Born with it. Permanent
MORPH shape
POND weigh
LOCO place
PUT think
AMPHI both
Created by: ewoodham
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