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LIA Test #1

LIA Quarterly test #1

Alter To change
Chemist An expert
Condition An order
Conduct Managed
Detect To discover
Development Growth; a house or somewhere you live
Establish To set up
Florist a person who sells flowers
Formation Arrangements
Frequently Often
Guarantee Promises
Handicap Disability
Informative Educational
Inseparable Close
Magnificent Splendid
Observe Watches
Prediction Forecast
Render Provides
Safeguard Protection
Seasonal Dependent on the type of year
Abnormal An unusual
Accumulate Collected
Cluster Grouped
Curious Eager to learn
Desperate a dangerous
Effectiveness Success
Endear Beloved
Mission Special task
Mute Speechless
Mutiny Rebellion against a captain
Quest Search for
Repulsive Disgusting
Suspense Uncertainty
Technician Skilled person
Testimony An indication/ a statement in court
Transformation Changing
Untimely Inappropriate
Venture Entry into
Vital Important
Zeal Eager interest in
Accomplishment Achievements
Advantage Benefit
Constant Nonstop
Corrective Adjusting
Credit Honor
Determined Committed
Grasp Ripped
Intensive Strong
Involve Includes
Massive Immense
Orthopedic Bones&Joints
Quantity Amount
Radiology X-rays
Recall Remember
Sensitivity Awareness of
Sheer Pure
Specialist Expert
Stamina Staying power
Tranquilize Drug
Veterinarian Doctor of Animals
Created by: AceAttorneyFan
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