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トフル あかい 17

buffer something serving to separate two items; something acting as cushion
bundle to wrap; to include a product or service with a related product
burrow a hollow place used as an animal's dwelling
deadliest extremely destructive or harmful
decipher to make understandable
decode to convert a coded message into intelligible form; to discover the underlying meaning
deflect to turn aside especially from a straight course or fixed direction
demise a cessation of existence or activity
feasible capable of occurring or being done
far-flung widely spread or distributed
fermentation breaking down of a substance by microorganisms, such yeasts and bacteria,usually in absence of oxygen
flair an innate or inborn capability; having a natural talent
hammer to make repeated efforts; to reiterate an opinion or attitude
hardy capable of withstanding adverse conditions
hazardous involving risk, loss, or injury
heredity the sum of the qualities and potentialities genetically derived
heretofore up to this time; hitherto
interfere to intervene without good judgment in the affairs of others
interminably so as to be endless or tediously long
intricate complexly detailed;difficult to understand
invoke bring about, cause
irrigate to cause a stream to flow over land so as to water it
kin a person connected to another person by blood
lament a crying out in grief; complaint
lateral of, at, toward, or from the side or sides
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