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Chpt 3 (lab 1)

Serous membranes do what??? line the ventral body cavity
what is the function of Serous membranes? Function: Minimize friction on opposing surfaces ITS A LUBE!!!
Pleura (parietial and Visceral) is a type of serous memberane- wheres it found? -covers lungs -
Perintoneum- covers internal organs
Pericardium (think Cardio)Serous membrane covers the heart
the heart is covered by what kind of Serous membrane? Percardium
Internal organs are coverered with what? Perintoneum Serous Membrane (Lube-like)
what are the three kinds of Serous Memberanes Pericardium, Plura, and Perintoneum
The cutaneous membrane thick dry, water resistant membrane- cantaneous sounds like continuos- the skin is continous all over body. I want a mans cantaneous membrane rubbing my cantaneous membrane
another word for skin cantaneous mambrane
the synovial membrane areolar tissue with an incomplete layer of overlying epithelium
the membrane that covers joints synovial. think "snot on joints"
Connective Tissue Framework of the Body facia
envelops, separates, or binds together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body. facia
layers and layers of connective tissue that provides strenght and stability facia
facia CT Framework of the body- holds internal stuff in place
Superficial facia Found between skin and underlying organs. Made of areolar tissue and fat (loose connective tissue).AKA: subcutaneous layer or hypodermis
deep facia Found just below superficial fascia.Made of dense connective tissue.Binds to capsule, tendons and ligaments, bone, muscle
facia consists of superficial and deep facia
Fibers in individual layers run in the same directionOrientation of fibers changes from one layer to anotherAllows tissue to withstand forces from all directionGives fascia strength and durability Deep facia ( thats deep, gives strenght and support to superficial facia)
Created by: miaadriano