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Body Cavaties

chpt 1

Another name for Ventral body cavity Coelom
Ventral Body Cavity (Coelom) includes two sub- cavities : Thoratic Cavity and Abdominopelvic cavity
Organs of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems are housed in the ---- ventral body cavity
the vental body cavity is separated by or devidid by--- the diaphragm
the thoratic cavitiy houses three sub cavities wich are---- Rt and Lf Plural cavity, Mediastinum and percardial cavitiy
The Right and Left plural cavity is the home to..... the LUNGS! (Think "plural, meaning two, two lungs.)
The Mediastinum cavity contains..... ..the thracea, esophagus and major vessels and contains a small house for the heart. (pericardial)
the pericardial cavity is part of the MEDIASTINUM
Abdominopelvic Cavity is home to two sub cavities which are.... Abdominal and Pelvic cavity
the Abdominal cavity contains..(whats in your tummy) digestive gland and organs
Pelvic cavity contains (think of the pelvic thrust- all the fucking and punani organs urinary, bladder, reproductive and last portion of digestive tract.
Abdominopelvic cavity cotains the peritoneal cavity, Abdominal and Pelvic cavity
The pelvic cavity contains
Abdominal cavitiy contains digetive glands and organs
Right Upper quadrant Rt Lobe of Liver Gallbladder Kidney portions of stomach and lg instines (partial)
Left Upper quadtrant lft lobe of liver stomach kidney pancreas spleen portions of lg intestine
Rigth Lower quadrant Cecum Reproductivce organs-Rt ovary, rt spermatic chord, Rt ureter, appendix portions of sm intestine
Left Lower quadrant Most of small intestinesReproductive organs rt Ovaryr spermatic chord Left ureter
Created by: miaadriano