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Chapter 21 Test

Chapter 21 Test Sections # 1-4

Describe Spain's power under Phillip II. Explain three reasons for why Spain became a powerful empire? 1. Exploration and Wealth 2. Strong Army and Strong Navy 3. Unified Country 4. Ability to control sea routes
What is the significance of England's defeat of the Spanish Armada? 1. People realized England can beat Spain 2. Defeat changed people's perspective 3. Gave other countries confidence and gained colonies and control
Why did the Spanish Empire decline? 1. Severe Inflation and Severe taxes 2. Spain's enemies became rich and they bought from their enemies 3. The Dutch Revolt
What role did religion play in the struggle in the Spanish and the Dutch? 1. Roman Catholic Country prosecuted Protestants 2. Phillip raised taxes in the Netherlands and took steps into crushing Protestantism
What does the art describe in the both Spain and the Netherlands reveal about their cultures? 1. Monarchy 2. Catholicism 3. Spain 4. Middle Class 5. Civic Leaders 6. Merchants 7. Everyday Life
What was the result of the war of the Spanish Succession? It weakened France's Power
To what extent did anti-Protestants contribute to Louis's downfall? It weakened his power and got rid of skilled workers
How did the policies of Colbert effect the French economy? 1. France was in poverty 2. Protect France's industry lead to economic problems 3. More goods 4. Strengthened the colonies 5. Became more wealthy by trades 6. Involved in many wars in his reign, war expensive 7.Taxed peasants & farmers, not nobles
What impact did the French religious wars have on the French thinkers? Created a new philosophy, which was Skepticism
Name one event that strenthed the French monarchy and one event that weakened it? Strenthed: Economic Growth Weakened: Power of Nobles
What were the similarities between Mother Theresa and Frederick the Great? 1. Both reigned for decades 2. Both were ambitious 3. Had more talent than other rulers
What were the major conflicts in the Thirty Years Wars? 1. Religious and territorial disputes 2. Competition among ruling families for powers
What steps did the Austrian Hapsburgs take towards becoming absolute monarchs? 1. Reconquered Bohemia 2. Created a standing army and a centralized government 3. Retook Hungary from the Ottomans
What countries were allies during the Seven Year's War? Austria, France, and Russia, were armies against Prussia and Britian
How did the Peace of Westphalia lay the foundations of modern Europe? 1. By ending religious wars. 2. Recognized Europe as a collection of independent states. 3. Established a modern way of negotiating.
Why did Maria Theresa make an alliance with the French kings, Austria's chief enemies? To stop Prussia from gaining more power and to steal it powerfully
What are some conclusions in the 1700s in Europe about men and women? 1. They were were viewed as weak 2. They were only interested in family 3. They didn't question it because they wanted to go to heaven
How did Ivan the Terrible deal with his"bad peiriod"? He had police force hunt them down and murder them, therefore people lived in fear
Why did Peter the Great believe that Russia's future depended on having a warm-water pot? They could only then, Russia could compete economical with Western Europe because, they had the trading ports
What were some of the ways that Peter tried to westernize Russia? He ordered nobles to wear Western fashion
Who do you think was more of an absolute monarch: Ivan the Terrible or Peter the Great? Peter the Great, had strengthened his army
Which class of Russian society probably didn't benefit from Peter's reforms? Why? Serfs were the group, the policies created lives of nobles
How might Peter's attempts at westernization have affected his people's opinion of Christians in Western Europe? The people proobably looked the at Catholics and Protestants as heretics
What was Peter's goal? Peter's goal of westernization, nor using Western Europe as model for change, was not an end in itself.
What were boyars? They were Russia's landowning nobles.
Created by: 19srizvi
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