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Mod 4 medterms

quizlet stack

Bradycardia slow heartbeat
antiarrhythmic medication that controls irregularities of the heartbeat
myocardial infarction heart attack
embolus blood clot in blood
vascular surgeon physician who specializes in disorders of blood vessels
pharyngotomy surgical incision of pharynx
aphonia loss of speech
atelectasis collapsed lung, incomplete inflation
pneumothorax air in chest cavity
cardiomegaly enlargement of heart
pharyngitis inflammation of pharynx
pulmonologist specialist who treats disorders of the lung
thoracostomy surgical creation into the chest
tracheotomy incision made into trachea
laryngectomy surgical removal of larynx
pneumonia inflammation of lungs
angiitis inflammation of blood vessels
angiospasm contraction of blood vessels
angiostenosis narrowing of a blood vessel
arteriosclerosis thickening of arterial walls
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
carditis inflammation of heart
endocarditis inflammation of lining of heart
myocarditis inflammation of heart muscle
pericarditis inflammation of sac surrounding heart
dyspnea difficult breathing
eupnea normal breathing
hyperpnea deep respiration
hypopnea shallow respiration
tachypnea rapid respiration
atel/o incomplete
cyan/o blue
-ectasis stretching, expansion
phon/o voice
-pnea breathing
-plasty surgical repair
bronchitis inflammation of bronchial walls
bronchodilator expands opening of passage into lungs
bronchorrhea excessive flow of mucus from bronchi
pleurisy inflammation of pleura
emphysema loss of lung function
empyema accumulation of pus in pleural cavity
epistaxis nosebleed
hemoptysis spitting of blood
hemothorax accumulation of blood in pleura cavity
phlebography radiographic test
hemorrhage loss of a large amount of blood
septicemia bacteria in the blood
leukopenia decrease in white blood cells
palpitation racing heartbeat
valvulitis inflammation of heart valve
hematologist specializes in blood disorders
septoplasty surgical repair of nasal septum
cyanosis bluish discoloration of skin
asphyxia loss of consciousness, no oxygen
dysphonia difficult speaking
tuberculosis infectious disease
tachycardia fast heart beat
trache / o trachea, windpipe
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out
pharyng / o throat, pharynx
-otomy cutting, surgical incision
laryng / o voice box, larynx
pneum / o lung, air
-ostomy surgical creation of an artificial opening
acute nasopharyngitis common cold
pharyngotomy surgical incision of pharynx
thoracotomy surgical incision of lung
varicose veins abnormally swollen veins
angina pectoris chest pain due to inadequate blood flow
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