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BIO101 Ch 5 Skin

Projections of loose connective tissue from the dermis, which extend upward between the adjacent ridges of the epidermis, are called ________. dermal papillae
Where is thick skin found? Palms of hands and soles of feet
The skin is what type of membrane Cutaneous (epithelial)
Epidermal cells are supplied with nutrients from blood vessels in the Dermis
What is the function of the combination of epidermal ridges and dermal papillae? increase surface area for diffusion between the dermis and epidermis
What cell is responsible for pigment production in the skin? Melanocyte
What makes up the majority of hair and nails? keratin
What protein is responsible for pigmentation in the skin? Melanin
What is the medical term for a sweat gland? Sudoriferous gland
What is missing in albinism? Melanin
What layer of skin differentiates thin skin from thick skin? Epidermis
What does UV radiation stimulate the production of in the skin? Vitamin D3
What does melanin serves to protect cells from in the deeper layers of the epidermis? UV (ultraviolet) radiation
The dermis is composed largely of ________. dense irregular connective
What is the most common type of skin cancer? Basal cell carcinoma
What is the function of the nerve fiber attached to the hair follicle? For early warning for possible danger
When the body is over heated what happens in the skin? blood vessels dialate
What muscle causes the hair on the skin to rise (goosebumps)? arrector pili muscles
The pale crescent area of the nail is called the lunula
What is the function of melanin? Protects against UV damage
A thickened area of scar tissue that is covered by a shiny, smooth epidermal surface is called a(n) keloid
During skin repair, most of the scab consists of an insoluble network of ________, a protein that forms from blood proteins during the clotting response granulation tissue
A "rug burn," which scrapes the skin, is an example of a(n) abrasion
The study of tissues is called histology
secretions are discharged onto some external or internal body surface through a duct
What accounts for most of the volume of connective tissues extracellular matrix
Created by: DrGreimel
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