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Ch.1 vocab. for NFL

Wellness The state of being in good health.
Quality of Life A person's satisfaction with his or her looks, lifestyle, and responses to daily events.
Premature Death Death that occurs due to lifestyle behaviors that lead to a fatal accident or the formation of an avoidable disease.
Optimum Health A state of wellness characterized by peak physical, mental, and social well-being.
Physical Health The fitness of the body.
Stress The inner agitation a person feels when he or she is exposed to change.
Mental Health The way a person feels about himself or herself, life, and the world.
Social Health The way a person gets along with other people.
Holistic Medicine An approach to healh care that focuses on all aspects of patient care-physical, mental, and social.
Risk Factor A characteristic or behavior that influences a person's chance of being injured or getting a disease.
Environmental Quality The state of the physial world a person is exposed to, including the condition of water, air, and food.
Diagnosis The identification of a disease.
Diet All the foods and beverages a person consumes.
Peer Pressure The influence people in a person's age and social group have on his or her behavior.
Nutrition The sum of the processes by which a person takes in and uses food substances.
Nutrient A basic component of food that nourishes the body.
Scientific Method The process researchers use to find answers
Hypothesis A suggested answer to a scientific question, which can be tested and verified.
Theory A principle that tries to explain something that happens in nature.
Life Expectancy The average length of life of people living in the same environment.
Created by: Albany.Magaw