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SAT Vocab 5

hedonist a person who is devoted to seeking sensual pleasure
reprobate a person who is depraved, unprincipled, and wicked
interloper a person who intrudes where he or she is not wanted; an uninvited guest
acolyte a person who is a devoted fan or follower of someone famous
iconoclast a person who attacks cherished ideas, traditions, and institutions
mentor a person who acts as a wise and trusted advisor
benefactor a person who helps people or institutions
innovator a person who creates new inventions, ideas, or ways of doing things
proponent a person who fights for a cause, idea, or movement; a champion
philanthropist a person who gives money or gifts to charities; a wealthy person with a generous nature and concern for human nature
misanthrope a person who distrusts and is contemptuous of other people; misanthropy is a general hatred of human kind
connoisseur a person who, through study and interest, has a fine appreciation for something
neophyte a person who is new at an occupation or task; a beginner; a novice
dilettante an amateur who "dilly-dallies" or engages in activities without serious intentions; a dabbler
conversational an informal exchange of presentation of thoughts or feelings
reflective taking time to think carefully about things; thoughtful
prudent characterized by a watchful and careful consideration of all potential consequences; cautious and sensible
objective looking at issues in a detached and impartial manner
measured the quality of being calm and restrained; unhurried and deliberate
demagogue a political leader who inflames popular emotions and passions
Created by: beyonceee
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