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chapter 7 (history)

In what secret treaty did France give all lands west of the Mississippi River to Spain? Treaty of Fountainbleau
Why did France trade Louisiana to Spain? Because they needed money and military supplies to fight the French and Indian War against the British
Why did Spain want Louisiana? To keep the British away from their silver mines in northern Mexico
Describe the Acadians. Peaceful, hard working, French fur trappers and farmers
Why were the Acadians forced to Leave Acadia? because they refused to sign an oath of allegiance to England
Which of the following was a reason the Acadians refused to swear an oath of allegiance to England? The English king was Protestant and they were Catholic
Where did the Acadians settle in Louisiana? South-Central and South- Western Louisiana
Who was the first Spanish Governor of Louisiana? Ulloa
Which of the following was the main reason for the rebellion against Ulloa? His polices on trade were damaging the economy
How did O'Reilly deal with the leaders of the rebellion? He had the arrested. They stood trial, were convicted of treason and were executed.
What was the Cabildo in Spanish Colonial Louisiana? a town council/ court of law
Where was the British trading center where many French colonists bought supplies? On Bayou Manchac
How did Unzaga help improve the economy of the colony? by allowing illegal trade with the British
Why did the Islenos come to Louisiana? because King Carlos needed more loyal colonists in Louisiana
What was the "shot heard 'round the world" and where was it fired? the first shot fired in the American Revolution. Lexington Massachusetts
Who was the Spanish governor of Louisiana who supported the Americans in the American Revolution? Bernardo de Galvez
How did Galvez secretly help the Americans while Spain remained officially neutral? by sending supplies from New Orleans
Why didn't Spain form an alliance with the Americans? because the Spanish did not want to openly support a rebellion against a monarch
What was Galvez's goal during the American Revolution? to weaken the British and stop them from taking New Orleans
What was the purpose of the Treaty of Paris of 1783? The end of the American Revolution
How did Gov. Miro deal with American Settlers in Louisiana? He allowed them to settle in Louisiana but they could not be openly Protestant
What destroyed much of New Orleans in 1788 and again in 1794? fire
Explain why the French Quarter's architecture is not French. After the French Quarter burned, it was rebuilt according to building codes established by the Spanish colonial government
Why did Governor Carondelet keep false shipping records in New Orleans? because he was violating Spanish trade laws by allowing foreign merchant ships into New Orleans
Why was the French Revolution a concern to the Spanish colonial government in Louisiana? because there were many French colonists living in Louisiana who might want to rebel a wel
Which of the following leaders was beheaded by his own people? Louis XVI
What did Governor Carondelet do to improve his control of Louisiana during the French Revolution? He sought the support of the Indians, added street lights and created a police force in New Orleans, and he carefully monitored the colony
Why did some French Nobility settle in Louisiana? Because they lived in fear of being beheaded by revolutionaries in France during the Reign of Terror
Why were western farmers angry about Spain's control of the Mississippi? They could not get their crops to a port
Which of the following allowed American merchants to use the lower Mississippi River, gave them the "right of deposit" in New Orleans, and set the boundary between Florida and the U.S.? Pickney's Treaty
How did sugar cane become a major cash crop in Louisiana? Knowledgeable sugar cane planters fled Haiti after the slave revolts. They came to Louisiana and began growing it here
Why did Spain trade Louisiana back to France? because the colony was a financial drain.
Created by: ashlynn_marie
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