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Country Simulator

whether you prefer to win by money or war this is the game for you.

NUKE to nuke a state it has to be in a 3 state radius from the state or water with nuclear vehicle.
oil well produces energy and points. cost 3 and requires a oil field, makes 1 point every 2 turns. 3 energy every 2 turns
infantry squad a small, cheap, weak force of your army. move 3 space. cost 1
infantry platoon a larger, more expensive, strong force of your army. move 2 space. cost 3
tank small, expensive, strong addition to your army. move 1 space. cost 5. needs 1 energy
battle ship large, expensive form of ocean units. move 1 space. cost 7, needs 3 energy.
destroyer small, strong, faster and more expensive unit of navy. move 2 space. cost 10, needs 2 energy.
nuclear vehicle small, extremely powerful, extremely expensive and basicly a death switch. move 1. cost 50. needs 5 energy.
jet fast, weak, and expensive, move 4. cost 8. needs 1 energy.
bomber slow, strong and extremely expensive. move 2, cost 10. needs 2 energy.
points money is what makes the world go round. you start off with five points.
energy is what really makes the world go round. you start off with five.
teams it is who you are and what the enemy is, there is circle, square, triangle and X.
oil field wisconsin ,ohio ,nevada ,texas ,flordia , oregon, west virginia and new york have one.
special states Alaska,Hawaii(island colonies too) to get to alaska you need to own washington to get to hawaii you need to own california
starting state any state that isnt a special state or a state with access to a special state.
farm produces 2 energy every 3 turns
Water pathways pathways in water that allow certain states to trade with other states.
Trade the ability to trade units, points or energy for units, points or energy. to trade the other state must be a neighbor or on the same water pathway.
war this option can be done at anytime but requires that you have 1 spare military unit and the state can only be 3 states away.
colony this ability is used when you have 20 energy and 30 points to fund a program to find a island off the east coast.
islands small area off the east coast that can be used for creation of points or energy, makes 5 of either points or energy every 2 turns. it is your choice which it produces. it cant harbor military units.
Created by: DerpyCactus105