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Dental Unit 1

Dental Terms

accredited officially recognize a person or organization as having met a standard or criterion
Alveolar process a ridge that forms the borders of upper and lower jaws (contains teeth sockets)
Anatomical crown portion of dentin covered by enamel
Apex the highest point of the tooth
Apical foramen growing tissue at shoot or root tip
Arch the curve of teeth or the basal bone of either jaw
Bifurcation root of the tooth divided into two branches
Buccal surface of the tooth facing cheek
CDA Certied, Clinical, or Chairside Dental Assistant
CDT current dental terminology
Cementum tissue surrounding the tooth root
Cervix narrow portion of the tooth, where the root and the crown meet
Clinical Dental Assistant assistant assigned duties that pertain to the patient side of dentistry
Cuspids canines, anterior teeth
D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery
D.M.D. Doctor of Medical Dentistry
Dental assistant someone helping dentist
Dental hygienist someone giving tooth care
Dentin a living cellular substance similar in structure to bone
Dentist practitioner of dentistry
Distal surface farthest away from the midline
Enamel protective coating of the tooth
Endodontics treatment of dental pulp diseases
Endodontist one who specializes in treatment of dental pulp diseases
Facial buccal and labial surfaces
Gingiva gums
Incisal sharp cutting edge of anterior tooth
Incisor flat sharp front tooth
Labial the surface of anterior teeth that faces or touches the lips
Laboratory technician one that works in the lab making dentures, bleach trays, etc.
Lingual the side of the teeth that touches the tongue
Mandibular lower jaw
Maxillary upper jaw
Median line vertical plane dividing mouth in half
Mesial proximal surface of a tooth that is facing toward the midline
Molar posterior teeth that are used for chewing
Occlusal broad flat chewing surface of posterior teeth
Odontoblasts cell inside tooth that forms dentin
Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon one who specializes in oral maxillofacial surgery
Oral pathology diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth and oral structures
Orthodontics correction of teeth irregularities
Orthodontist one that specializes in the correction of teeth irregularities
Pediatric dentist one who specializes in child dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry procedure done by a specialist for children
Periodontics dental treatment of gums
Periodontist one who specializes in performing dental treatment of gums
Perodontium structures that surround, support, and are attached to the teeth
Permanent dentition second set of teeth (adult teeth)
Premolar posterior grinding tooth
Preventive dentistry regular cleanings to prevent harm to teeth
Primary dentition first set of teeth (baby teeth)
Prosthodontics replacement of teeth
Prosthodontist one who specializes in replacing teeth (like dentures)
Pulp soft material of the tooth
Quadrant four sections of dental arches
RDA Registered Dental Assistant
RDH Registered Dental Hygienist
Root the portion of the tooth that is embedded in tissue (gums)
Trifurcation root of the tooth divided into three branches
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