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SMNW AP Euro history


What is Christian Humanism Earliest form Of reformation focussing on greek and roman cultural and educational reform
What was Christian Humanism's goal Correct corruption within the Roman Catholic Church
What Books influenced the Christian Humanists Greek and Roman Books
What did the Christian humanists want to do to the Christianity that developed during the Middle Ages Combine classical and Christian Values
How did Christian humanists support the development of education? Created the education system referred to as the Humanities
What is the “philosophy of Christ”? Simplistic Christianity
What did Erasmus deemphasize with the above philosophy? External trappings like the veneration of saints
How did Erasmus want to get people back to the simple early form of Christianity? By following the bible and the new testament
What did Erasmus author to replace the Vulgate? In Praise of Folly
What did Erasmus criticize in his book, the Praise of Folly? The abuses by many churchman of his time
What did More write about in his book, Utopia? Moore outlined what makes an ideal society in a socialist way
What is Utopia a critique of? a criticism of the European world he saw around him with church and state
What were some of the major criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church during the time of the Renaissance? Corruption, no separation between church and state
According to the RCC, how did a person achieve salvation? By staying faithful and doing good deeds
According to the RCC, did people have free will? How could people make up for their mistakes? Yes, by going to confession
According to the RCC, who was in charge of salvation? The Pope
According to the RCC, who could interpret the Bible? The Pope
According to the RCC, was the hierarchy necessary? yes
According to the RCC, what was the role of the pope? To be the final say in all things religous
How many sacraments did the RCC believe were necessary? Seven
Where was Luther from? German
What was the occupation of Luther? Monk
What was the first major criticism of the RCC for Martin Luther? The Selling of Indulgences
Why did Luther criticize the role of good works in achieving salvation? He thought that is was not very logical
According to Luther, how did a person achieve salvation? He believed the only way to truly achieve salvation was to have full faith in god not through good deeds
According to Luther who was in charge of salvation? God and only god
According to Luther who could interpret the Bible? The person reading it
For Luther, what is meant by the “priesthood of all believers”? anyone can interpret the bible the way they see it
According to Martin Luther, should the church have power over secular rulers (kings) or should secular kings? No there should be a separation between church and state
Why did Pope Leo X issue a decree for the sale of indulgences in 1517? To bring in more income to the church
Who was Johann Tetzel? Roman Catholic German Dominican friar and preacher. In addition, he was a Grand Inquisitor of Heresy to Poland
What was the 95 Theses written by Martin Luther? an attack on the sail of indulgences
Why is the posting of the 95 Theses considered the opening event of the Reformation? It was the inciting release to make the church challenge luther to debate
What was Luther criticizing in the 95 Theses? Indulgences
How did the printing press affect the spread of the ideas in the 95 Theses? It spread a lot faster and gained more followers than it normally would
What was the Leipzig Debate? RCC challenged luther to a debate and instead of discrediting him it made him gain popularity
What were the major ideas of Luther stated in the Nobility of the German Nation? Ideals about Baptism and the lords supper need to be changed
What were the major ideas of Luther stated in the Babylonian Captivity of the Church?
What were the major ideas of Luther stated in the treatise, On the Freedom of the Christian Man?
What was the response of the RCC to Luther and his writings?
What was the Diet of Worms?
Why was Luther accused of heresy at the Diet of Worms?
What was stated in the Edict of Worms?
Who gave Luther political protection from arrest by the RCC?
What major book did Luther translate into German?
What were the primary means by which Luther’s ideas spread to the people of Germany, since most people were illiterate?
Where in Germany did Luther’s ideas spread?
Who were the early converts to Lutheranism?
Why did the peasants revolt against the German princes?
Did Luther support the peasants or the princes in the peasant revolt?
What did Luther state in his pamphlet, Against the Robbing and Murdering Hordes of Peasants?
What two sacraments did Luther keep?
What is baptism?
What is the Lord’s Supper?
What is transubstantiation?
What did Luther say about transubstantiation?
How did Luther change the worship service?
What did Luther say about ministers getting married?
Who was Charles V?
What did Charles V want for his empire with regards to religion?
Which countries/empires were the major foreign enemies of Charles V?
What was stated at the Diet of Augsburg?
How did the Lutheran princes respond to the Diet of Augsburg?
Who won the first phase of the Schmakaldic Wars?
Which foreign nation allied with the Schmakaldic League after the first phase?
Why was this a weird pairing?
What was stated in the Peace of Augsburg that ended the Schmakaldic Wars in the Holy Roman Empire?
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