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What were the 3 steps for a boy of noble birth to become a knight. Page, Squire, then knight.
What is the definition of feudalism? A system of loyalty based on protection.
What was Charlemagne's greatest achievement? Uniting all the Germanic kingdoms.
What was Clovis's greatest achievement? Converting all the Germanic kingdoms to Christianity.
What battle did Charles Martel win that kept the Muslims out of Europe. The battle of tours.
What were a knight's 3 masters. His lady, heavenly lord, and earthly lord.
What were the values of chivalry. Honor, respect, loyalty, being humble.
What was the code of conduct of the knights. The knight's code of conduct was chivalry.
What was canon law. The law of the church.
What is a sacrament. Important religious ceremony.
What is lay investiture. lay investiture is when the government elects parts of the clergy.
Who is Otto the great/Otto I? The most effective king of medieval Germany reigning from 936 to 973.
What did Fredrick I call his land? The holy roman empire.
What battle were the Lombard League and king Fredrick's army involved in, in 1176. The battle of Leg nano.
What were the effects of the Germanic invasions on Europe in the 400 and 500s? They broke-down trade and trade no longer existed. Cities were no longer able to protect themselves so they were abandoned. The population shifts from the cities to rural. decline of learning loss of a common language
What groups of people invaded Europe in the 800s? Magyars, vikings and Muslims invaded.
What was a vassal? Someone who receives a fief from the lord of the manor.
What is a manor? A piece of land that is militarily and economically independent.
What is a knight? A knight was a mounted warrior who protected his lord's land in exchange for a fief.
What was a serf? A serf was a peasant who could not legally leave their birthplace.
What buildings were most commonly found in the medieval manor? A church, manor house/ castle, and mills.
What is a tithe? A tithe is 1 tenth of one's salary that they give to the church.
When did Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire begin and when did it end? From 800 to 843 AD.
What 3 advancements in warfare technology changed the battlefield in the middle ages? The saddle and stirrup and the crossbow.
What was a troubadour? Someone who travels from castle to castle entertaining nobles with poems and music.