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final exam

allied health

Hippocrates Known as the father of medicine
Caduceus the recognized symbol depicts a healing staff with two coiled snakes around a staff
Joseph Lister Introduced antiseptic methods in surgery by carbolic acid for sterilization
Florence Nightengale Founder of nursing and called lady with the lamp
Alexander Flemming Discovery of the antibiotic, penicillin
Elizabeth Blackwell US first female physician in the U. S.
Edward Jenner Developed the smallpox vaccine
Clara Barton Served as First President of American Red Cross
Decode To convert, as into a message, into intelligent form
Close ended question Question that can be answered with only a yes or no
Assertive Practice of making a point in a a positive manner by standing firm, making decisions based on principals or values
Competence The quality of having adequate or requite capabilities
Demeanor Behavior toward others; outward manner
Insuborination Disobedience to authority
Procrastination Intentionally putting off doing something that should be done
Stereotype Standardized mental picture that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude or judge mental
Open ended question Question that requires more than a yes or no
Feedback Transmission of any response to a communication
Enunciation The clear articulation and pronouncement of words
Skeletal System Supports and shapes the body, protects the internal organs, forms some blood cells and stores minerals
Muscular System Holds the body erect, makes movement possible
Cardiovascular System Blood circulates throughout the body to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells
Lymphatic System Removes and transport waste products from the fluid between the cells, destroys harmful substances such as pathogens and cancer cells in the lymph nodes
Immune System Defends the body against invading pathogens and allergens
Respiratory System Brings oxygen into the body for transportation to the cells
Digestive System Digests ingested food so it can be absorbed into the blood stream
Nervous System Coordinates the reception of stimuli, transports messages through the body
Special System Receives visual and auditory information and transmits it to the brain
Urinary System Filters urine to remove wastes, maintains the electrolytes and balance with the body
Integumentary System Protects the body against invasion by bacteria, aids in regulating the body temperature and water content
Endocrine System Integrates all body functons
Reproductive System Produces new life
Anesthesiologist Provides pain relief, and management during surgical procedures
Otolaryngologist Treats diseases and conditions that effect the ears, nose, and throat
Dermatologist Treats disorders and disease of the skin, hair, nails, and related tissues
Gynecologist Concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system
Pathologist Studies the causes of diseases that effect the body
Neurologist Diagnosis and treats disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nerves
Pediatrician Promotes preventive medicine and treats diseases that effect children and adolesents
ER Physician An expert in triage and treating patients to prevent the patients death or serious disabilities
The principal U.S. Agency for processing essential human services and protecting the health of all Americans and overseas the Medicaid and Medicare Programs? DHHS
All below are correct for the three D's except? Diagnoses
Which organization publishes the CPT-4? AMA
Which organization is concerned with the quality of care given in health care and the accreditation of providers JCAHO
The group of medical reviewers contracted by CMS ensure the quality control and medical necessity of services provided by a facility? PRO
Which agency publishes the ICD-9CM along with the DHHS? WHO
A U.S. Federal Agency concerned with the safety throughout the world and develops methods for control and prevention? CDC
The mission of this agency is to uncover knowledge that would lead to better health for everyone and is part of the public services? NIH
The below are associated with intentional tort except? Abuse
Which is considered a not non-verbal communication? Speech
All of the below are stages of grief except? Death
All the below are close ended questions except? Why are is your social history?
This religion beliefs, no baptism during birth? Jehovah Witness
This culture finds mental illness to be a disgrace? Philippines
All the below are open mined questions except? Are you married?
Maslow, which level of needs have a sense of belonging? Social
Below are 4 classifications of law which one is incorrect? Fraud
What are the 3 specific needs that we have apart from Maslow's needs? Approval, Acceptance, Achievement
The CMA credential is awarded by? AAMA
Clinical duties include all the below except? Front office duties
In the communication process the receiver is the person who? Decodes the message
The RMA credential is awarded by? AMT
The AMT offers these certifications except? CMA
Conveying a message to another with out the use of words would be considered? winking, smiling, body language
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross suggests that the 5 stages to the process of grief are? Which does not belong? Death
The U.S. federal agency concerned with the safety of people through out the world and develops methods for prevention? CDC
The abbreviation for Washington D.C.? D.C.
Below are parts of a letter except? Notation
Which term means to indicate the presence of an error or correction needed on a letter or document? Proofread
There are 3 stationary type of envelopes, all are correct except?, Romanic
There are 4 letter type format styles which style below except? Appointed style
In the communication process the sender is the who? Encodes the message
Write the words for the Federal agency that regulate debt collection practices? e.g. hint (FDCPA) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
What are the 3 categories of evaluation and management? Hx, PE, MDM
This term means above another structure? Superior
This term means far from the point of origin? Distal
This term means lying face down on your belly? Prone
This plane divides the body into front and back views? Frontal (Coronal)
This planes divides the body into upper and lower portions? Transverse
Cytologist One who studies cells
Polyerythrocytosis Condition of too many red blood cells
Laparotomy Process of cutting into the abdomen
Osteoma Tumor of the bone
Subhepatic Pertaining to the area below the liver
Which system is the defense against infection and disease? Lymphatic
Abduction To move away from the midline
Which is not a body cavity? Coronal
the sagittal plane divides the body? Left and Right
Ventral Front side/ anterior
Which system regulates the hormones secreted by the body? Endocrine system
Epigolottis Situated on the top part of the larynx
Epithelial Pertaining to the surface of the tissue
Which plane of the body lies in a diagonal direction? Oblique
Which word part refers to low back? sacro
The process of turning face up is called? Supination
The location of the patients pain is above the umbilicus region? Epigastric
Suffixes describe_______ and _______? Diagnosis and Procedures
Necrosis Abnormal condition of dying cells
Dermal resection Cutting back the skin
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