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Sat List Mix

1,2,3,4,5 Vocab

arrogant proud, overbearing; snootily self-important
fastidious extremely fussy and particular; meticulous
disparage to belittle or downgrade (someone or something) to decry, depreciate, minimize
prerogative a specical right or privilege
deprecate to disapprove midly with regret , hoping to avoid disapproval
condescene to come down in level, unbend , stoop
contempt total lack of respect, disdain
deride to mock or make fun of to ridicule
scoff to make fun of, mock; to belittle by jeering or contemptuous talk
chastise to scold severly or punish; castigate, censure
amass to accumulate, collect; to gather, come together
cursory sketchy, not through, superficial
precursor a forerunner that hints at the future, harbinger
disperse to spread all over; to disseminate
emit to voice; to give off as fumes or anger
mission a definite job or task
efface to erase or to wear away by time
terse stripped of all but the essentials;concise or succinct; sometimes to the point of rudeness
euphemism the word or phrase so used
succinct brief to the point terse
miser a greedy, grasping person (miserable)
skeptic one who doubts or waits to pass judgement
fervent full of strong emotion, impassioned
fortuitous happening by chance, accidental
grueling demanding and exhausting, punishing
uniform consistent the same
listless lacking energy or ennoticeable;enthusiasm
potent powerful effective
omnipotent all-powerful
incessant going on without interruption, unceasing; continuous
unobtrusive not inconspicuous, noticeable; or not agressive
bombast high-flowen, pompous language
articulate to speak in a clear effective way
hyperbole wild exaggeration, often on purpose for effect
lampoon verbal ridicule of a person; personal satire
platitude a tired old saying ; banal
hypocrite a phony or fake
heretic one who differs from accepted belief
charlatan a fraud, imposter
eloquent extremely expressive with words or gestures
loquacious extremely talkative
vociferous loudly; persistently vocal
equivocal open to two interpretations unclear
despot a ruler with total control
sycophant a brownnoser one who flatters other
vertify to establish truth or accuracy; to confirm
insurgent a rebel; one who rises up in revolt
zealot a fanatical someone devoted beyond reason to cause or belief
profuse in great abundance; lavish lush
acquiesce to give in and agree peaceably
laud to praise commend
Created by: Kim.a
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